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Municipal buses 200 and 210 run from the AVTOVO subway red line station to Peterhoff, 200 - to Oranienbaum (Lomonosov) thru the Peterhoff. Tickets cost 50 RUR (about 1.5 USD) and buses run frequently, every 10-20 min. Time to travel is around of 40-60 min, depending of jams. Usually buses are crowded and commonly all seats are taken.
Bus 404 leaving in front of the BALTIYSKAYA station stopping in front of the Peterhof entrance. Tickets costs oneway 70 RUR. The bus runs frequently and takes about 45 minutes.
=== By Metro and Minibus (shuttle bus)===
Take the subway down to ‘AVTOVO’ station (red line), cross the "prospect Stachek" street by the underground way, exit to the right and get in one of many minibuses, for ex. #424, #224. They all have big sign "ФОНТАНЫ" and "ПЕТЕРГОФ" which means your destination. Minibus will bring you directly to the entrance of the Upper Park in 30-50 minutes, depending of jams, for 70 RUR, but prices may vary. Don’t forget to tell the driver where you want to get off the bus. Watch for a large cathedral on your left. The Upper Garden will follow shortly after on your right, you'll see the fence and gates. Check out Google's Street View of the area to familiarize yourself.
===By taxi===
Many of the palaces are now museums. Hours and days of operation vary, however, almost everything is closed on the last Tuesday of each month.
*'''Great Peterhof Palace'''. The three storey great palace sits on top of the ridge that separates the upper and lower parks. What is seen now is not what was seen in Peter the Great's time. In his time there was only a small royal mansion at the site. Only after his death (and over two centuries) was the site expanded, altered, and improved to become what is seen today. Open 10:30am-6pm (ticket office 10:30am-5pm), closed on Mons. As of 2013, there was a special, confusing schedule in place - they have "Russian citizen" hours and "foreign tourist" hours. Be aware that you may have to wait until "foreign tourist" hours to get in.
*'''Marly Palace'''. This is the main structure of the lower park. Three avenues radiate from the palace, one crossing the Sea Channel. Fine examples of antique furniture within; an old lady stands guard in each room, some even with a smile. Open only on Sat and Sun.
*'''Большая Оранжерея''' (Russian: ''The great greenhouse''), ''+7 812'' 427 9106, []. This cafe is located in the lower park of the Peterhof ensemble in the greenhouse.

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