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* <see name="A.P.O. Cultural Center" alt="" address="1436 W 18th St" directions="18th Pink Line" phone="+1 773 780-1495" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Hours vary" price=""> The enormous, foreboding stone edifice of the A.P.O. Building houses some worthwhile art exhibitions and the occasional concert along with community programs (such as the pool downstairs). Exhibits are usually free and open to all, but stern old ladies will keep you from wandering elsewhere.</see>
* <see name="CTA 18th Station" alt="" address="1710 W 18th St" directions="18th Pink Line" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="4AM-1AM daily" price="$2 .25 to ride the train, free to view if getting off/back on a train" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""> Art and public transit have had a troubled relationship in Chicago, with awful results almost every time the CTA commissions a mural for a station. This one, however, is a gem. Local youth outreach efforts have borne fruit here, creating a walk from the station house to the platforms is nothing short of awe-inspiring (albeit distracting if you're in a hurry to catch a train).</see>
* <see name="National Museum of Mexican Art" alt="" address="1852 W 19th St" directions="18th Pink Line" phone="+1 312 738-1503" email="" fax="" hours="Tu-Su 10AM-5PM" price="Free" url=""> A lovely, small gallery full of vibrant colors and well-curated installations focused on understanding Mexican as well as Mexican-American history and culture through art. The museum serves as the center of the annual '''Day of the Dead''' celebration in the fall — this is a great time to visit to see all the brightly painted, skull-filled, and often humorous Ofrendas.</see>
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