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Eat: NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF A CONEY DOG??????? or coney island?
If you're planning a trip into Michigan and you want to check off the "must-eat" local specialties, then there are four 5 things you really should be sure to try while you're here. Interestingly, they're all centered around the northern parts of the state, so if you want to try them in their homeland, you'll want to be sure to visit the area from Traverse City to the UP. * The "coney dog" is a Detroit-Area staple served at Coney Island, a Greek-style sit down restaurant originating from Detroit. It is a hot dog covered in chili, freshly cut onions, and one or two stripes of mustard. In Detroit, the chili is usually wet and runny, while in other places such as Flint, it tends to be more dry. Coney Island's are abundant in every city in southeast Michigan, and can be more scarcely found in other parts of the state. The two most famous (and oldest) are conveniently, and interestingly located side by side in downtown Detroit. If you're from Metro Detroit, you eat at one or the other, not both, the argument over which has the better Coney Dog is widely disputed. There are also several chains such as Leo's and American Coney Island that are found all over the suburbs.
* The '''pasty''' (which rhymes with "nasty", not "hasty") is a traditional food in the Upper Peninsula, made with meat (usually beef), potato, onion, and sometimes rutabaga, wrapped in a light dough with a crimped edge. They originated from [[Cornwall]], in southwestern [[England]], and were brought to the area by Cornish miners who emigrated to the UP. The miners' wives would take everything that was left from the Sunday dinner, chop it up and wrap it in a semicircular pastry case, for their husbands to warm on their shovels and eat for lunch. These days, you can find pasty shops along highways in the UP, although their hours of operation may be limited.
* '''Maple syrup''' [] has been produced in Michigan as long as Native American tribes have lived here, and it can also be found in the form of maple candy.
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