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Cuyahoga County

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Stay safe
==Stay safe==
*The city of Cleveland itself has east side neighborhoods that are regarded as "no-go" areas, such as Central, Fairfax, Hough, St. Clair-Superior, Kinsman, South Collinwood, Glenville, and numerous others. While driving there during the day may not be so bad, at night the areas become dangerous. If you must absolutely drive through these areas, it is recommended that you do not attract attention and remain calm, and do not leave your vehicle.
*It is relatively easy to drive into unsafe areas of Cleveland when driving in the east side suburbs. The general rule of thumb is to turn around once a suburban "road" turns into an "avenue", as is the case with Cedar road which runs through Beachwood and Lyndhurst through the fashion disctrict and restaurant row. If one continues to head east towards downtown on this road, it will take you into a high crime, dangerous area.
*Some of the most dangerous streets in Cleveland include Superior, Kinsman, St. Clair, E. 55th, Quincy, Buckeye, and Scovill.
*One suburb that many advise to completely steer clear of is the city of East Cleveland. It as a whole is a high crime area with levels of urban decay akin to Detroit. It is relatively easy to wander into the city of East Cleveland as it is nearby to cultural institutions in University Circle and Cleveland Heights. Lakeview Cemetery, a popular destination, lies partly in East Cleveland. (But most of it is within Cleveland and Cleveland Heights city limits)
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