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Fundamentals of flying

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Trip insurance
===Trip insurance===
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With the possible exception of very routine travel, you should seriously consider travel insurance. When applying for certain visas, this is also a requirement anyway. The cost may be determined by your total trip cost and duration, the age of travellers, level of coverage requested for certain problems (eg: costs of treating sickness or injury, or medical evacuation), and coverage for domestic versus international travel. Many insurance sources will cover pre-existing medical conditions if the insurance is purchased within a very few days of booking your trip; they may not if bought later.
Airline insurance purchased at the time you purchase your ticket may only focus only on the airline's responsibilities, while a quality policy will cover your end-to-end trip. You may obtain better rates by buying a policy through or from an association you belong to, eg: AAA, AA, AARP. Very-frequent travellers should consider long-term (annual) policies; coverage can be equivalent while costing much less per trip.

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