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[[Image:Zhouzhuang.JPG|thumb|A canal in Zhouzhuang. Boat operators ferry tourists down the canals while singing songs ]]
'''Zhouzhuang''' (周庄) [] is [[China]]'s oldest water town. It is the [[Venice]] of China (a description given to a number of towns). Be warned that there are a lot of tourists (although predominantly from China), which means high prices and lots of people hustling you to buy things. On holidays and weekends the old town will be so packed that it is difficult to move around. This aside it's worth the visit.
[[Image:Zhouzhuang.JPG|thumb|A canal in Zhouzhuang. Boat operators ferry tourists down the canals while singing songs ]]
Zhouzhuang, known as Zhenfang Lane in ancient times, is located southeast of the city of Suzhou and to the Southwest of Kunshan. I In the Spring and Autumn Period, Zhouzhuang was a part of the King of Wu and called Yaocheng. It was called Zhouzhuang after ZhouDigong donated more than 200 acres to the local Quanfu Temple during the Yuan Dynasty (1860). By the mid-Yuan Dynasty, Wanshan Shen was using its superior geographical advantage to do trade, hence, Zhouzhuang became a distribution center of food, silk, ceramics, arts and crafts in the south of China. It was officially named Zhouzhuang town on the beginning of Qing Dynasty.
From Shanghai:
# Shanghai Tour Bus Center (上海旅游集散中心) just outside the Cao Xi Road subway stop for line 3. Get out at Exit 3 and turn right. You can see the Shanghai Tour Bus Center Building (big gray new building) just next to subway station. You can purchase your tickets there ( also in advance) and the buses normally leave from Gate No. 1 at the bus center ( 2nd floor). The former Tour bus center at Gate 5 of Shanghai Stadium does no longer exist (june 2013). Tel: 24095555. Departure time: 7:00, 8:30, 9:30, 10:10, 10:45, 12:10,14:00. The price is &yen;150 (&yen;75 for senior citizens over the age of 70) which includes round-trip fees and entrance tickets (&yen;120).
# Hongkou Football Stadium. The No.5 gate. Departure time: 8:15 and 16:15 to return. The price is &yen;240 include round-trip fees and enter the tourist area of Zhouzhuang (&yen;120). It gives you only 5.5 hours in the town, which may not be enough to enjoy the beauty spot to lots of people.
# Long Distance Bus station, next to the railway station. This is a regular bus, not a turist bus. Departures from Shanghai: 8:00, 12:00, 14:20 and 16:50. The last bus home to Shanghai leaves Zhouzhuang at 16:30.

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