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Durham (North Carolina)

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Durham is a terrific city to eat in, and if you search around enough, you'll find no need to go to our friends in nearby [[Chapel Hill]] or [[Raleigh]] to cater to your tastes. From time-tested burger shacks to upscale eateries on par with Atlanta and Washington, it's easy to find unique flavors all over the city. There's an especially good concentration of remarkable eats around the Duke and Research Triangle Park areas, specifically 9th St/Brightleaf for the former and South Sq/Southpoint/54 for the latter.
*<eat name="Ox and RabbitSoda & Sundries" alt="" address="732 9th St Durham" directions="On 9th Street." phone="(919) 286-7850" url="" hours="10-6" price="" lat="" long="">A drug-store turned boutique shop, Ox and Rabbit kept the drug store counter and serves old fashion style Sodas, Shakes, and Malts. In traditional style, a soda jerk mixes syrups, ice, and carbonated water right in front of you for a delicious throw back to past times.</eat>

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