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By metro
'''Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport''', ({{IATA|OPO}}), Pedras Rubras, Maia (+351) 229 432 400, []. Also known as '''Aeroporto do Porto''' or '''Aeroporto de Pedras Rubras''' this is the third busiest airport in the country and is about 15 km from the city centre. This airport has been awarded since 2006 as one of the best airports in Europe and one of the best in world in its cattegory, it offers really good conditions to all of the passengers since it has been remodeled in 2004 by the same time that the EURO 2004 was organized in Portugal. Just outside of the airport is the AeroBus which for €4 - 2005 - takes you to Praça da Liberdade (city center) or will drop you off at the Pousada da Juventude. A similar taxi trip will cost €20.
The Metro line connects the Airport to the city centre, offering a fast and peaceful ride into the heart of the city, for €1,80 + €0.50 for the rechargeable ticket (type Z4). You can buy 24 hours pass for Metro and busses for €6.20 (Z4 - includes the airport). To reach the city center, exist exit at Trindade or Bolhão stations. Casa da Música is also a popular stop, but a bit removed from the city center. Use it to visit Casa da Música building or if your hostels is in the Boavista area.
At night, after 1.00, the only regular connection is an hourly bus coming from Av. dos Aliados (line 3M) - using a taxi or spending a night at the airport are the only other possibility.
===By metro===
'''Porto Metro''' [] is an incredibly advanced, state of the art light rail / subway system. Developed in 2001 (for the Porto2001 - European Capital of Culture), the metro is still under construction. It has 5 six lines, that run across the center of Porto, and down to some suburban areas. It is quick, and probably the most efficient way to get around Porto. Some major areas of the city, however, are not that well served by the metro, although new lines are planned and should start being built soon.
Tickets must be purchased beforehand. They can be bought at the machines in the station (note: if there are no tickets in the machine that day, take the metro to the next station and buy it there!). The ticket is printed in a card called "Andante", and you can purchase as many rides (or travels) you want, in the zone you are staying in (Porto and surrounding are Z2. Matosinhos Z3. Airport Z4). One travel will take you anywhere your zone, and you can travel as many times as you want within one hour. If you plan on using it again, ''Do Not throw away the card!'' The card can be re-charged (the card itself costs around €0.50). You can also buy daily passes, which is more convenient.
A fast way of getting around the city, although traffic congestions near the city center might be a problem. However, be expected to pay a high price for these services, especially compared to the other public transportations such as bus and subway.
* Porto Taxi Transfer []
===By boat===
There's residential homes all around Porto is well served in terms of accomodation. You can choose from the simplest pension and guesthouse to the citymost exquite 5-star hotel. There's also a lot of 3-star hotels with very affordable pricesare several holiday apartments and houses as well as hostels. In Unfortunately the entire city there's only one camping site (Prelada)Camping Place in town is no longer open. So the nearests are in Angeiras to the north, but it's a bit far from with hard bus connections, and in Madalena to the center. There aren't many family houses south, being closer to rent in Portotown, so they'll be difficult to findthere are buses going there.
*<sleep name="Albergaria Miradouro Hotel" alt="" address="Rua de Alegria, 598" directions="" phone="(+351)225370717" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="From €26" lat="" long="" email="" fax="" hours="" geo="" tags="">Unique and interesting. 60s decor all over, amazing views of Porto and the Douro valley, famous panoramic restaurant on the 13th floor where you can enjoy your breakfast while seeing miles and miles of the Porto region below you.Free Parking. Bathroom ensuite. Receptionists are very friendly and professional and speak English. The area it lies in is a bit run down, but definitely not as bad as many other areas of the city.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Flat in Porto" alt="" address="several locations in Porto" phone="(+351) 960121574 or (+351) 224069344 or (+351) 918340794" url="" checkin="from 7:00 - 23:00" checkout="" price="€50-90/night per holiday apartment. Minimum stay 4 nights and up to a year. " lat="" long="" email="[email protected]"> Most apartments with Internet wi-fi, all furnished and equipped.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Porto Lounge Hostel" alt="" address="Rua do Almada, nº 317" directions="next to Av. dos Aliados, in downtown" phone="(+351) 222085196" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="€14-20 dorm room with private bathrooms, €40-50 double rooms" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]"> Free Wifi, breakfast included, lockers, bar and common area.</sleep>
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