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==Get around==
* '''Taxis: Green, blue or orange''' These taxis are metered and start at 6 8 RMB and there is an additional 2 RMB fuel surcharge added to the final fare. However, now many of these taxis are transitioning to charge 8RMB start price (without 2RMB extra at the end of the trip).
* '''Taxis: Black''' Black taxis are also properly signed and metered and are usually a more comfortable and newer car. The fare for these taxis starts at 8 9 RMB and there is a 1 RMB fuel surcharge added to the final fare.
* '''Unmarked taxis''' There are other unmarked cars (usually black Santanas) that may offer to give you a ride. You often see these kind of illegal taxis around the railway station, airport, or in the outskirts. These are unmetered and the price is negotiated beforehand. The fare will always be higher than usual. If you don't know Hefei well, the fare will be significantly higher. There is also the risk of taking a car that is not insured to carry you and having an unidentifiable driver. Saying that, there are times when legit taxis are very scarce, and if you really need to be somewhere, it might be an option. Legally, every taxi must have the driver's picture and licence number displayed in a plastic plate affixed to the dashboard. If you have any major problems with a taxi driver, discretely write down this number if you need to make a complaint and ask for a fa piao (receipt) at the end of your journey. Avoid getting into arguments with drivers if possible. Around the city area in Hefei, you can reasonably expect to pay between 10-20RMB.In Hefei, a driver might occasionally try to pick up an extra passenger and carry them with you. ie pooling. They sometimes try this on foreigners who don't know how to object. Make it known if you don't want this to happen. Chances are the other person has negotiated to pay a lower fare and is riding on your back.
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