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Lake Toba

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===By private hire vehicle===
* <listing name="Tobatransporter" alt="" address="" directions="" latphone="+6285261492668" longurl="" addresshours="" phoneprice="+6285261492668" tollfreelat="" emaillong="[email protected]" faxtollfree="" urlemail="http://www.[email protected]" hours="" pricefax="">This firm aggressively markets itself but, as you You can see from both its website and its repeated [[tout]]y marketing [ campaigns] on this very websitechat via whatsapp, Tobatransporter's communication skills are poor. We are taking the exceptional step of asking for any feedback (positive viber or negative) about Tobatransporter to be posted here at [[TalkLINE with ID :Lake Toba#Tobatransporter]] '''by users''' directly and who sign their opinions with 4 tildes (<code><nowiki>~~~~</nowiki></code>) and '''NOT''' by the taxi touts themselves!tobatransporter</listing>
==Get around==
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