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Torres del Paine: thanks!
It looks like you've just made some updates to [[Torres del Paine National Park]]. Do you happen to know if there are places nearby (hostels, whatever) that gear can be safely stored while trekking? Specifically, I'm planning to be there next February and will have a lot of camera equipment that I don't want to backpack with, so it would be great if there's a place nearby where it can be stored without fear of being stolen.
Nice work on your recent contributions, by the way -- the coverage of South American destinations seems to lag a bit behind that of other continents, so it's great to see someone making additions. -- [[User:Wrh2|Wrh2Ryan]] 16:34, 2 Jul 2005 (EDT)
: I currently entering eight months travel experience from memory and backed up by the lonely planet from Venezuelean and Colombian internetshops. So it's probably not 100% perfect but I hope it's a good start.
: Torres del Paine is really amazing. You should also go to [[El Chalten]] right over the Argentinian border. I staid in a dependance of Casa Cecilia in [[Puerto Natales]] and they offered luggage storage. It was just a locked room where everbody puts their stuff. I put my creditcard and some documents there and I didn't have a problem. I think most places in Puerto Natales offer similar services and if you use a recommended place you don't have to worry about the staff stealing. Just wrap you cameras in clothes or something and put it in a bag so it's not too obvious that it is a camera. And seal your bag so somebody cannot go through you stuff unnoticed. Mayby Casa Cecilia also has a safe but I'm not sure about that. [[User:Ronald|Ronald]] 11:45, 4 Jul 2005 (EDT)
::Thanks! I've actually spent a week in [[El Chalten]] and loved it, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time on that trip to visit Torres del Paine, so hopefully I'll get a chance to visit in February. -- [[User:Wrh2|Ryan]] 20:46, 9 Jul 2005 (EDT)
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