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Definitely something to try, if you can afford it. There are many types of trips for many budgets; usually the pricier ones get you out farther into the Serengeti, to places that are a little less touched by man. The less expensive excursions to reserves and parks are specialized, of a shorter duration, and worthwhile. If there's one trip that will change your perspective on life, it's an African safari. Many safari companies are foreign-owned, which is not a bad thing since creates employment for the local people, but given the option it's better to select a company that is locally owned with profits going directly back to the people who reside in the country.
For an all-inclusive safari (lodging, food, transportation, park fees), expect to pay about $70-100 USD per person/night for a budget camping safari or $200-250 USD per person/night for a lodge safari. Some companies offer luxury safaris that go in the $1000/person/night range that is really not worth it. You will go to the same parks and see the same animals in the same vehicle (land rover or land cruiser) - the extra money buys you extremely opulent lodges which are wholly unnecessary. The mid-range lodges (e.g. Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Ngorongoro Safari Lodge) are actually spectacular very nice 3star resorts with comfortable rooms, great views, nice restaurants (included with your safari fee), and even a pool/jacuzzi. Be sure to tip your driver $15-20/day; if he's good, this will be well worth it.
* <listing name="RA Safaris" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" >Outstanding company to book your safari with. Fully licensed, and locally owned/operated as opposed to many others that are foreign-owned. They have different packages of example safaris listed on their website, but will especially work (very responsive by email) to customize a package for you given your preference and arrival schedule. For a lodge safari (outstanding 3star lodges/hotels, not skimping it at all), price is ~$200/person/day that is inclusive of everything except for alcoholic drinks and tip for your driver (airport pickup, hotels, all meals, water, park fees). As you shop around, you'll find that this price that RA Safaris offers is benchmark among other companies. Their driver/guides (1 person - keeps costs down) are very experienced, extremely skilled (in reliable Toyota Land Cruisers, we never once got stuck and even helped town one other car out), and fully knowledgeable of the terrain for where animals tend to reside. They provide an outstanding experience that you will not soon forget. Salehe in particular is one very skilled and very knowledgable driver/guide who has amazing eyesight at being able to pick out animals from afar while driving.</listing>

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