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By plane
*South Delhi — Defence Colony, Hauz Khas, Green Park, Greater Kailash, Vasant Kunj, Lajpat Nagar, Nehru Place, Malviya Nagar and Kalkaji and Sarita Vihar.
*East Delhi — Gandhi Nagar, Preet Vihar, and Vivek Vihar.
*North Delhi — Sadar Bazar, University Enclave (Kamla Nagar), Kotwali, and Civil Lines.
*West Delhi — Patel Nagar, Rajouri Garden, East Sagarpur and Punjabi Bagh.
*Central Delhi — Darya GanjConaught Place, Pahar GanjKhan Market, Chanakyapuri, and Karol Baghand Paharganj.*Old Delhi - Daryaganj, Kashmere Gate, Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazaar, Lal Quila and Jamu Masjid.
*'''Mehrauli''' – Muhammad Ghori managed to defeat Prithviraj Chauhan in battle in 1192. Ghori left his slave Qutub-ud-din Aibak as his viceroy, who in turn captured Delhi the subsequent year. After Ghori's death in 1206, Aibak proclaimed himself the ruler of Delhi and founded the slave dynasty. Qutb-ud-din contributed significantly in terms of architecture by getting Mehrauli built. His most prominent contribution is the starting of Qutab Minar. This 72.5 m tall tower was built across three generations and finally completed in 1220AD. A visitor to the Qutab Minar could also see the mausoleum of Kaki, Shamsi Talao and some other mosques. The Slave dynasty ruled until 1290, among them was Razia Sultan who ruled for just three years, but became a historic figure for being the first empress in India.
*'''Siri''' - Qutuddin Qutubuddin Aibaq's 'Slave Dynasty' was followed by the line of Khilji (or Khalji) rulers. The most prominent among the six rulers was Allauddin who extended the kingdom to the south of Narmada and also established the city of 'Siri'. Among some of the remaining ruins, is part of the Siri Fort in the greater Hauz Khas area. The madrasa at Hauz Khas was constructed during Allauddin's reign and bears the stamp of West Asian architecture. Hauz Khas is more often visited today for the chic botiques and restaurants.
*'''Tughlakabad''' - Exactly as it happens during the fall of a lineage of kings, after the Khilji's there was administrative chaos for sometime as the last Khilji ruler was slain by Nasruddin Mohammed. Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (a Turk governor) invaded Delhi in the 1320s, started the Tughlaq dynasty, and founded the city of [[Delhi#Monuments|Tughlakabad]], the ruins of which still remain. His descendant Muhammad Bin Tughlaq raised the fort walls, created another city called Jahapanah (which enclosed the area between Siri and Qila Rai Pithora). Tughlakabad continued, however, to be the main capital city. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq is also known as the mad king for wanting to move the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad (now near Aurangabad in Maharashtra) and making the entire population travel, only to return in a few years because of water shortage in the new town.
===Suggested reading===
*"Delirious Delhi", Dave Prager; a recent portrait of Delhi by an expat resident. (ISBN 1611458323)
*''The City of Djinns'', William Dalrymple; another travelogue and well-written. (ISBN 0142001007)
A free shuttle bus operates between the two every 20 min. While the terminals share the same runways, connecting between the two requires a massive detour via a nearby highway, so allow plenty of time to connect.
The Delhi Airport Metro Express (DAME) is a Delhi Metro train line from New Delhi Metro Station to Dwarka Sector 21, passing through the airport. Its operating timings are from 5AM-11PM every 20 minutes (as of April 2011). In the future, the trains ''may'' run 24 hr/day. The one-way fare between the airport and New Delhi Metro Station is Rs 80150. The journey time is 20 min. From the railway station, you can transfer to the Metro (it's a bit of hike though), continue by taxi, or simply walk to backpacker ghetto Paharganj.
There are limited commuter services on Delhi's railways, but the facilities are a far cry from the user-friendly Metro and stations. For the most part, train stations are inconveniently located. There is no passenger service on the Delhi Ring Railroad outside rush hour.
'''Please note that the Indian Railways website does not accept most foreign credit cards, however American Express cards are accepted.'''.
===By bus===
The death knell of the Ambassador was rung in December 2006, when modern '''radio taxi''' services were launched. At Rs 20/km, they're more the list price of the competition, but they use modern vehicles with air-conditioning and GPS and can be dialed 24 hr/day. The flag fare is Rs 20, and the fare increases by Rs 5 for every 250 m after the first km. If you need an SUV, you need to inform the company in advance, but the fare remains the same. Night charges (25% extra) apply between 11pm to 5am. Book up to a few hours in advance. Many corporates rely on these cabs for their daily commute and they may be booked during office hours. Tipping is not expected. After booking, you will receive an SMS with the car license plate number, and the driver's name and mobile number. Usually the driver will call you and inform you that he's arrived. Most drivers speak English, but at a very basic level, so use short phrases.
'''Car RentalsBest Tourist Vehicle Are:'''* '''GetMeCab'''Indica , []. 24x7 support ☎ +91 9312241121* '''cabs24x7''', []. 24x7 support ☎ +91 9243778005  * <listing name="" alt="Delhi Cabs" address="" directions="" phone="080 3000 3000" url="" hours="Inquiry: 8am to 8pm" price="" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Bangalore Car Rental services on - is an renowned taxi service provider based at Bangalore providing around the clock service for its existing and new customers mainly popular for renting four wheelers like cars, vans, and buses which meets the customer travel needs for hassle free journey at affordable prices .Customers can easily rely for 24/7 taxi services in few easy steps.</listing> * <listing name="" alt="Delhi Car Rental" address="" directions="" phone="+91 888 023 4455" url="" hours="Call from 7am to 11pm" price="Fares start from Rs.550 for within city and Rs.8.5/km for outside city" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Delhi Car Rental services on - a Chauffeur Driven Car Rental Service across 75 Cities in India.</listing>* '''Savaari''', []. 24x7 support ☎ +91 9358585237* '''Clear car Rental''', []. 24x7 support ☎ +91 9730097777* '''Commercial Taxis''', []. ☎ +91 11 26682023* '''Delhi Taxis'''Indigo, []. ☎ +91 11 25778684  '''Taxi:'''* '''EasyCabs'''Swift Desire, []. ☎ +91 11 43434343 (Point to point [email protected] 20/km)* '''Mega Cabs''', []. ☎ +91 11 41414141 (Point to point [email protected] 20/km)* '''Meru Cabs'''Toyota Etios, []. ☎ +91 11 44224422 (Point to point [email protected] 20/km)* '''Tricabs''', []. ☎ 25851290, 24x7 support ☎ +91 9873533669* '''QCabs''(Point to point charges but availability is scarce)* '''Delhi Cabs''' []. ☎ +91 9818707986* '''Ola Cabs''', []. ☎ +91 11 3355 3355 (Point to point [email protected] 20/km) There are also car rental portals which provide car rental services in Toyota Corolla and around Delhi.Innova
You shouldn't take non-official taxis, sometimes they take you to a wrong hotel, or to a "tourist information centre", and try to sell you overpriced things. These are generally known to fleece and rip off tourists. It is better to keep a safe distance from these guys.
[[Image:Auto-rickshaw.JPG|thumb|250px|Auto-rickshaws - no doors]]
'''Auto rickshaws''' (also called '''three-wheeled scooters''', '''tuk-tuks''' or simply '''autos''') are good for shorter trips. Always in a distinctive '''yellow-and-green''' livery, auto rickshaws are three-wheeled partially enclosed contraptions (no doors!) that run on CNG and can seat three people in the back. In general, they are much cheaper than taxis and can be hailed from the street. Although by law the rickshaw drivers should charge according to the meter in their vehicle (Rs 19 25 for the first two kms, Rs 6.508/km after), this rate is unrealistically low and they will almost always try to [[haggle]] for price. In May 2013, base rates increased from 19 to 25 Rs and from 6.5 Rs to 8 Rs/km thereafter. Many drivers have not updated their electronic meters and will use this as a way to haggle for vastly more money - "This is old rate, new rate Rs 80!" If their meter says 19 Rs when you get in, they aren't lying about not having updated, but are likely exaggerating the new rate, which should only be roughly 25% higher than the displayed rate, not double or triple as some will claim. As rules of thumb, expect even the shortest journey costs to cost Rs 30-40 regardless of the meter, but you should not never need to pay over Rs 150 for any trip within the city. If you're overquoted, don't be afraid to walk away. It's usually easy to find another one soon, usually with a driver who won't rip you off.
If you have any trouble with them, go to any of the numerous tourist police stations in the city center and they will give you a complaint slip which will result in a Rs 500 fine for the auto driver. There should also be a telephone number written on the vehicle to call in case of any complaint.
* <do name="National Zoological Park" alt="NZP" address="Mathura Road" directions="" phone="+91 11 2435 8500" url="" hours="9:30AM-4PM (Closed Friday)" price="Foreigner: Rs 100, Indian: Rs 20" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">The Delhi Zoo is a very large and sprawling park dedicated to preserving the rich biodiversity of the country. This park may be the only chance of seeing a tiger or elephant for some travellers. Be prepared to do a lot of walking [].</do>
*<do name="Delhi Food Tour" alt="Private Sight seeing and Indian Street Food Tour in Delhi" address="199-A, Lane 10, East Azad Nagar" directions="Use website for details" phone="+91-9810645418" url="" hours="6 am to 11:50 pm" price="Rs 3300" lat="" long="">Delhi Food Tour offers private sight-seeing and authentic Indian street food tours in Delhi region. The tours cover not only the cuisine of Delhi, but also some offbeat attractions which most people don't know about. The tours are customized according to visitor's preferences and offer pickup and drop facilities via air-conditioned vehicles. Average duration of the tour is 4-5 hours and includes at least 8 to 18 different varieties of food from different places, some worth seeing places and explanation of history and culture of the places as well as food.</do>
*<do name="Indian Food Tour in Delhi" alt="Private Sight seeing and Indian Food Tour in Delhi" address="199-A, Lane 10, East Azad Nagar" directions="Use website for details" phone="+91-9810645418" url="" hours="6 am to 11:50 pm" price="Rs 3600" lat="" long="">Food Tour in Delhi offers private sight-seeing and authentic Indian food tours in Delhi region. The tours cover not only the cuisine of Delhi, but also some offbeat attractions which most people don't know about. The tours are customized according to visitor's preferences and offer unlimited food and air-conditioned transport among other facilities. Average duration of the tour is 5 hours and includes at least 15 to 20 different varieties of Indian food from different places across the Delhi.</do>
Delhi is a key centre of learning in India. The most famous universities in Delhi are JNU, DU, JMI, IGNOU , IIT and IITNLU, Delhi. The official website of the Delhi Government's Directorate of Education [] is a good starting point for learning more about study opportunities in Delhi.
Apart from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses, there are many training and diploma-level institutes and polytechnics that cater to the growing demand for skill-based and vocational education. Besides conventional educational institutes, more and more foreigners also make the effort to learn Hindustani language (Hindi-Urdu) and Delhi is these languages.
Adjacent and connected to Emporio are a further two malls;
* '''DLF Promenade ''' - Located in Vasant Kunj, South Delhi, Also housing the only 7 screens multiplex DT Cinemas * '''Ambience Mall ''' - Located in Vasant Kunj , South Delhi, here is the 4 audi movie lounge The Directors Cut with a unique cinematic experience
* '''Malls of Saket''' - Saket has recently become a major urban shopping hub with a vast complex comprising of several different malls. The central hub of this complex is the mall Select Citywalk consisting of international and local brands. However other malls in the complex include, MGF Metropolitan and DLF Place.
*'''Gung The Palace''', Ground floor. D-1B, Green Park, South Delhi. A very up-market place with good food. 1st floor features a live karaoke, but the ground floor is the place to be. Book in advance for the ground floor.
Sushiya, yummy japanese food , DLF mall, Saket
==== Afghani ====
*'''Afghan Restaurant''', H-7, Krishna Market, (''near Gurdwara, Lajpat Nagar I''). Owned &amp: run by members of the Afghani community settled in the area. Very tasty biryani.
==== Iraqi ====
===Coffee / tea===
* The coffee culture in Delhi consists mostly of large, heavily standardised chains. The two most common, '''Barista''' [] and '''Cafe Coffee Day''' [], can be found in multiple locations across the city, most notably around Connaught Place. The partly UK-based '''Costa Coffee''' [] also has presence in the city with several outlets spread across the city. US based '''Starbucks Coffee''' has also made a recent foray into the marketwith few outlets in South and central Delhi but adding more and more outlets day by day.
* Independent coffee shops are harder to find in Delhi, but they do exist, and are well worth seeking out.
* <sleep name="Maulsari Bed &amp; Breakfast" alt="" address="142 Sunder Nagar, South Delhi" directions="Near Humayun Tomb, India Gate" phone="+91 9810808281" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rs 4,500 upwards including full breakfast." lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">Maulsari is a BNB in the posh colony of Sunder Nagar. Conveniently located near heritage monuments, Delhi High Court, Supreme Court, Major markets its sure to make your comfortable and nice</sleep>
* <sleep name="Mayas Nest" alt="" address=" C2 Flat 2038 Vasant Kunj " Conveniently located close to Qutab Minar and the aprawling city" In the midst of the Diplomatic area and very safe at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070" directions="" phone="+919811604892" url="" checkin="" checkout="" email="[email protected]" price="Double bed, private, A/C rooms for Rs 3,000 (including all taxes WIFI & breakfast)" lat="" long="">Bed &amp; breakfast located in a safe, green, quite, residential area.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Ajanta Hotel" alt="" address="Main Bazaar, Paharganj" phone="+91 11 23620925, +91 11 23620926, +91 11 23620927" email="[email protected]" url="" price="Single room with fan from Rs 1,000 plus 22.5%" lat="" long="">Many foreigners as has been listed in popular guidebooks. Decent restaurant and nice atmosphere on rooftop bar, although rooftop seems like a construction site. Internet is available. The staff are often rude and may try to offer overpriced tour package bookings as often as they can. The rooms are small and many do not have windows. Bath/shower facilities are archaic. Be warned that any quoted prices will incur a 22.5% 'tax' charge at time of payment. The hotel does not offer a luggage storage service store luggage for its patrons.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Magical Bed and Breakfast" alt=" " address="D-393,Defence Colony" phone="+91 93 1195 5119" email="[email protected]" url="" price= "" lat="" long=""></sleep>*
* <sleep name>Mayas Nest, C2 Flat 2038 Vasant Kunj, ☎ +919811604892 ([email protected]), [83]. Bed & breakfast located in a safe, green, quite, residential area. Double bed, private, A/C rooms for Rs 3000 (including all taxes WIFI & breakfast).
* <sleep name="Mehar Castle" alt=" " address="" directions=" " phone=" " email=" " fax=" " url="" hours=" " price="Rs 750/night for one and Rs 1,500 for 2 persons" lat="" long="" tags="">Large rooms with A/C, TV, hot shower, room service.</sleep>
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