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Mount Roraima

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[[Image:Roraima_venezuela.jpg|thumb|250pxupright=1.3|print=lead|View from the top]]'''Roraima''' is the highest ''tepuy'' (spanish Spanish for table mountain) on the triple border of [[Venezuela]], [[Brazil]] and [[Guyana]]. It is around 2,800 metres tall. Its name is derived from 'Roroi-ma,' which in Pemon means 'big blue-green.' The only way visitors can climb to the top is from the [[La Gran Sabana|Gran Sabana]] side, in [[Venezuela]].
The tepuy's steep sides, surrounding rainforest, and altitude at summit create a unique climatic environment that is most notable for its changeability. Moist air rising off the surrounding rainforest in the tropical heat creates heavy rain clouds that billow up and across the summit of Roraima causing frequent showers and downpours. Due to the altitude, nights on the summit are cool. You may find yopurself yourself having to ascend or descend the path up the cliff in heavy rain in which case there will be torrents of water rushing down the track and waterfalls in the upper areas that will hit you like a fire hose. You may also need to wait at river crossings until the river level goes down. Your guide will help you.
==Get in==
Night buses go to Santa Elena from [[Ciudad Bolivar]], [[Puerto Ordaz]], Maturin and Puerto la Cruz in Venezuela and from Boa Vista [[Boa Vista]] in Brazil. There are also buses that go direct from Caracas Terminal de Oriente (22 hour trip). Bus companies that do the route are Expresos Los Llanos, Expreso Occidente, and a state owned company with red buses.
If you take a bus please understand that the buses are cold and drivers refuse to raise the temperature. Bus temperatures average around 7ºC (45ºF).
The Boa Vista route is the best connection for those coming from anywhere in [[Brazil]].
To climb you need a permit from inparques. Joining a guided tour will handle this for you. It is possible to sneak up and down, if you are so inclined. Remember don't leave anything on top, but pee.
==Get around==
*There are at least 4 operators:
**1.) # Backpacker tours - run by a German-Venezuelan family**2.) # Mystic tours - Apparently the oldest one. Good and cheap**3.) # Marcos - great cook, slightly more expensive**4.) # Francisco - good and cheap too.
*There are a lot of Europeans on the trail. I did not see any Americans on the trip. There were some Venezuelans and mostly Germans, French and English tourists with ALL companies. In my humble opinion, German tourists are the worst degraders of the trail each carrying one porter or more per person.

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