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Tips for travel in developing countries

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Arrival: India tip
In many places, it is better to avoid the people yelling "taxi?" inside the airport or train station; they are often touting for or driving unlicensed meterless taxis. Furthermore, they often make their money by taking you to specific hotels, which give them a referral fee. You are better off taking the airport bus or going outside and looking for a real taxi with a license and often a meter.
One way to avoid the crush, especially in [[India]], is to use a local agent for booking accommodation or internal travel in advance. When you arrive at your destination the local agent will be waiting with your name on a notice and they will have a driver to take you to your hotel. It might cost a little bit more but it beats walking out of an air terminal at midnight after a long flight, into pandemonium. The higher-end hotels in India generally offer you the airport pick-up as part of your accommodation, but make sure to verify it.
A good arrival checklist for these situations includes all the tips for [[Arriving in a new city]] plus:
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