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Stay safe
You can cross into Jordan by car from [[Israel]], but the border formalities are time-consuming and expensive as Jordanian insurance is required and you will even have to change your license plates. The only available crossings are at Aqaba (if coming from [[Eilat]]) and at the Sheikh Hussein Bridge for those coming from Northern Israel. Note that the Allenby/King Hussein crossing does not allow private vehicles of any kind.
When crossing by road, exit fee from Israel is 103 105 NIS (Nov 2012Jan 2013). [ Eilat Border Info (Arava Crossing)]
Busses from Jerusalem (central bus station) run hourly Beit She’an (about 7k from the border), take around 2 hours to reach the border and cost 42 NIS. Ask for bus 961 or 966. The busses are large comfortable busses with free WIFI lots of room for luggage. Toward the end of the route the bus passes through a checkpoint so have passports handy. Expect to see Israeli armed personnel on the busses travelling to their posts. A taxi from Beit She’an to the border costs 5-10 NIS and taxis usually wait outside the bus stop.
''Leaving the Israel:'' Israel charges an exit tax at their northern border of 103 105 NIS per person. This has to be paid before you can exit (duty free at exit allows extra NIS to be spent). After paying the exit charge walk through duty free and wait for a bus to take travellers across the bridge. The bus costs 2 NIS per person (walking is not an option).
''Entering Jordan:''
Upon entering Jordan a visa is required to be purchased (20 JOD). It There is advised to bring JOD with on the trip because the an exchange office at the border although it does not offer very good rates. After purchasing the visa wait in line for immigration. After exiting the immigration building take a left and walk to through security. After security there is a taxi stand with fixed prices to various destinations (33 JOD to Amman). The taxi to Amman can be nerve racking. Expect to climb and descend steep hills at high speeds (people susceptible to car sickness be warned). The ride takes 1 hour to 1.5 hours.
====From [[Syria]]====
Jordan is very safe. The army controls areas adjacent to the Iraqi, Syrian and Israeli/Palestinian areas so it would be best to have your passport with you when visiting such areas.
Jordan is one of the most liberal nations in the region. Women may wear regular clothing without harassment in any part of Jordan. Western fashions are popular among young Jordanian women. However, modest clothing should be worn in religious sites and when visiting more conservative rural or urban areas. Keep in mind Jordan is a Muslim nation and some Western norms, such as public displays of affection, may be considered crass or offensive, even by Jordan's western educated elite. Jordan is not a place where homosexuality is flaunted as openly as it would be in the West, although it is not illegal in Jordan unlike the case in most other Arab nations. Consensual sex between unmarried couples is not illegal in Jordan as long as both parties are over the age of consent (18 years), again it would be wise to be discrete discreet about this in order not to offend local sensibilities.
==Stay healthy==
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