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Public transportation

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* Public transport can be a great place to meet people and socialize with those you already know. If you ride the same service regularly, there are some people who you may see a lot and be able to get to know. There is nothing wrong with conversation. But it should be kept at a respectable volume. Avoid using profanity or talking about other subjects that are offensive. The same is the case if you talk on a mobile phone during your ride.
* The operator of the vehicle is doing a sensitive job in which one error could be very dangerous. Therefore, it is important that he not be distracted.
Many public transportation services are operated by national and local governments. Along with providing and subsidizing this service, the agencies also enforce laws that all users must follow. The laws vary from place to place, but typical laws include:
* The requirement to pay the fare in full
* A prohibition against eating or drinking
* A prohibition against smoking
* A prohibition against using a device that produces sound in a manner in which the sound can be heard by others
* The requirement to give up seats designated to the elderly or disabled to such people
* A prohibition against carrying weapons and other dangerous objects on board
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