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Public transportation

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When it comes to a multi-vehicle trip, some systems offer transfers that allow riders to change vehicles, which may be for a fee or no charge. Some systems sell all day passes that allow for unlimited travel within a region.
Multi-trip tickets exist in most places too, allowing people to use the service service often to save money. Some systems sell packets where a fixed number of trips can be purchased at a fixed but reduced average price. These usually can be shared between more than one person. Other systems offer passes in which unlimited rides can be obtained for the period of time for which it is purchased, which could be a day, a certain number of days, a week, a month, or more rarely, a year. These cannot be shared between multiple people, and to do so is fraudulent. In some cases, multi-trip tickets and passes may come at a savings even for tourists who are visiting a city or town.
==Route maps and schedules==

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