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Fast food and snacks
[[image:IMG 4087.jpg|A common fast food venue in Iran|thumb|300px|right]]
Most food outlets in Iran are either kabābis or fast food outlets serving a standard fare of burgers, sandwiches, felafels or pizza (پیتزا). A burger and a soft drink at a snack shop will fill you up at lunchtime for around IR 4060,000, while pizzas start at IR 5070,000.
Many teahouses (see '''Drink''' below) also serve traditional snacks and light meals. The most common of these is '''''ābgusht''''' (آبگوشت) a hot pot made from lamb, chickpeas and dried limes that is also known as ''dizi'', also the name of the dish in which its served. You will be given a bowl (the ''dizi'') containing the ''ābgusht'' and another, smaller one. Drain the broth into the smaller bowl and eat it like a soup with the bread provided. Then pound the remaining meat and vegetables into a paste with the pestle provided and eat with even more bread, pieces raw onion and wads of fresh herbs.

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