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Lake Toba

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As of Sep 2012 here is only one Cirrus/MasterCard ATM on the island (at the white beach entrance) so you should get enough cash at Parapat before crossing the lake to the island.
===By carprivate hire vehicle===The road signs are pretty much useless* <listing name="Tobatransporter" alt="" address="whatsapp, as is asking the locals for viber" directions="" phone="+6285261492668" url="http://www. Anyway, if" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax="">You can go there by taxi at Medan Airport to tiga raja harbour.For tour packages and trip price you are going to Tuk Tuk keep goingcan see in their sites, even though it may seem You can also go from Berastagi to be taking forever Parapat and you have been in the Kijang from Bukit Lawang to Parapat for 8 hr leaving service from both way with 10 other people, but some places that you will get there and can visit on the hosts will be wonderfulway go to Lake Toba.</listing>
Do not try to drive out of Samosir Island by going up and over the top to the land bridge. The road is very bad.
The ferry ride over is fantastic, just truly peaceful, apart from the car radios playing, the ladies selling peanuts, bottled water, mie or pretty much anything else. Normally some of the passengers and vendors will be able to speak English. Landing at the other end of the 1 hour ferry journey is daunting, but again, behave like everyone else in Indonesia and just push, ever so politely, but firmly and eventually you will get off the ferry and onto the main road. Alternatively use the boat service but watch out for the guys that ask for the fee before you embark — they do not work for the operators, you pay on the boat.
===By private hire vehiclecar===* <listing name="Tobatransporter" alt="" The road signs are pretty much useless, as is asking the locals for directions="" lat="" long="" address="" phone="+6285261492668" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">This firm aggressively markets itself butAnyway, as if you can see from both its website and its repeated [[tout]]y marketing [ campaigns] on this very websiteare going to Tuk Tuk keep going, Tobatransporter's communication skills are poor. We are even though it may seem to be taking forever and you have been in the exceptional step of asking Kijang for any feedback (positive or negative) about Tobatransporter to be posted here at [[Talk:Lake Toba#Tobatransporter]] '''by users''' directly and who sign their opinions 8 hr with 4 tildes (<code><nowiki>~~~~</nowiki></code>) 10 other people, but you will get there and '''NOT''' by the taxi touts themselves!</listing>hosts will be wonderful.
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