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'''Varanasi''' [], once known as '''Benares''' or '''Banaras''' and '''Kashi''', is a historical city in northern [[India]]. The city is sacred to Hindus and also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. In many ways Varanasi epitomizes the very best and worst aspects of India, and it can be a little overwhelming. However, the scene of pilgrims doing their devotions in the River Ganges Ganga at sunrise set against the backdrop of the centuries old temples is probably one of the most impressive sights in the world. Some people believe that Varanasi is a must see destination on any trip to northern India.
The city can be scorchingly hot in the summer months so, if possible, time your visit to fall between October and March, and bring something warm to wear for chilly days and nights, instead.
==Get in==
Varanasi is well connected by train and bus, with multiple of each heading in every direction daily. The trains and buses are dirty and overcrowded by Western standards. The people, however, are warm and accomodate westerners who are unfamiliar with their customs and don't take offense when you don't follow their ways.
===By train===

Trains are the easiest way to reach Varanasi, with multiple daily services to cities including [[Delhi]], [[Agra]], [[Lucknow]], [[Mumbai]] and [[Kolkata]].
Varanasi is served by two major railway stations. Many trains arrive at '''Varanasi Junction (IR station code : BSB)''' in the heart of the city, and many others arrive at '''Mughal Sarai Junction (IR station code : MGS)''', about 15 km east of the city (Rs 20, 45 min in a rickshaw). Of course,these prices change as the Rupee changes in value. If travelling to/from '''Agra/Tundla''', Mughal Sarai is a more convenient station.
Here is a list of useful trains to reach Varanasi:
You may check informations about about train / flight with A company which offers daily trip to taj mahal from Delhi
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==Get around==
Many of the sights are in the tiny narrow winding alleys of the waterfront. '''Rickshaws''' are only useful for longer trips across town or to the train stations. A cycle-rickshaw from the Junction train station to Dasaswamedh Ghat (or Godaulia if the road is closed) should cost Rs 20, an auto rickshaw about Rs 70. From Godaulia to Assi Ghat is Rs 10. Again, these prices are bound to change with changes in the value of the rupee'''Taxis''' exist but traffic makes them impractical. There is a pre-paid auto-rickshaw stand at the Varanasi Junction (Cantt) train station, however if you go with this option make sure to keep your prepaid receipt until the end of your journey, or your driver may not take you the whole way. Rs55 is enough to get to the old town.
'''By foot''' is the only way to see the waterfront and the ghats but be ready to be hot, sweaty, and lost - locals are usually happy to point you in the right direction. The names of ghats and signs pointing to restaurants and hotels are often painted on the walls in Roman letters. For better orientation, walk into any book store and pick up a small guide/map book that will have the list of all the ghats and their historical background.
* '''"Bikes on Rent"''' is one of its type services being offered first time in Varanasi by '''"Oza Travels n Bike Rentals"'''. It is exclusively available for tourists only. Their range of bikes include Pulsar, Apache, Discover, Platina, and Royal Enfield also.
For availing this service, you can contact through phone on 91-95803 60440 or email at http://mailto:[email protected]
[[Image:Newvishvanathtemple.JPG|thumb|New Vishvanath Temple at BHU]]
Varanasi is not a city with distinct tourist destinations as such: instead, ; the joy of the experience is in comes from watching the spectacle of life and death - on the river and in the eyes of the people who come to the Ganga- as well as in meandering through the alleys of the old city, trying to fathom the ways of a very mature culture.
* '''Vishwanath Temple''' - also known as the Golden Temple, security is tight making entrance difficult and sometimes completely off limits to foreigners. No bags, cellphones or pens are allowed. They can be deposited in the shops by the temple entrance. The temple was destroyed multiple times by Mughal invaders and was re-constructed by Hindu kings who followed them.
* '''Kaal Bhairav Temple''' - is the temple for '''Kaal Bhairav''' - a dreadful dreaded form of the Lord in Shiva avatar symbolizing death. Its a tradition to buy a black threads thread (costs cost about Rs. 15 per 50 threads as of Sep 2009), keep sanctify it in the shrine and , then wear it on the arm, wrist or around the neck as a protection against evil forces.
* '''Nepali Hindu Temple''' - A small golden temple, built in Nepali architecture, near Lalita Ghat
* '''Durga Temple'''
* '''Banaras Hindu University''' - a very green and peaceful campus. Few actually know that this University was built during the Indian freedom struggle and is known as Oxford of the East. This is the largest residential university of Asia, having approx. with 124 independent departments. You can also visit Bharat Kala Bhavan, a museum of Art and Archeology inside the university. There is also a huge white marbled temple called Vishwanath Temple which was bulit by Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya, the founder of the university.* '''Sarnath''' - It is believed that in Sarnath Buddha gave his first sermon to his disciples after getting enlightenment. There is also a Museum in Sarnath. The exact location is also known as Deer Park. Sarnath is 13 Km from Varanasi and is very peaceful. Several Asian countries have built Buddhist temples there following their own ancient architectural traditions.
* '''Ram Nagar Fort''' - the fort of the King of Kashi which is situated at the other side of the river.
* '''Gauri Matha Temple''' - The devi at this temple is supposed to be the sister of the lord Kashi Vishwanath. Its a tradition to visit her here just before you leave Kashi. You buy sea shells at this place and offer them to the God saying that the virtues of donating the shells goes to her while you keep the virtues of having visited the holy shrines in Kashi and bathing in the gangesganga. The trip to Kashi is expected to yield results only after completing this custom.
* '''Sankat Mochan Temple''' - The famous Hanuman temple, the home for to thousands of monkeys. Securiy is tight, mobilesmobile phones, keys etc. are not allowed inside the templeas a result of moslem terrorist bomb blasts; and as you enter you will be greeted by thousands the sight of hundreds of monkeys swinging here and thereon the premises. Beware because - they may snatch away from you if they see you carrying plastics boxes or packets of food packets. Inside the temple you will find huge stacks of hanuman chalisa kept on one side text for the ease use of devotees.
{{infobox|Floating away|While the use of ghats for cremation is well known, they are also used to give last rites to those who do ''not'' need cleansing by fire to purify their soul, including young children and pregnant women. Instead, their bodies are wrapped in cloth, weighted with stones and deposited eased into the GangesGanga. However, it is fairly common for the ropes to give way, resulting in '''putrefying corpses''' washing up on the east shore across from the city. Steer clear if squeamish.}}
[[Image:Varanasi_ghats.jpg|thumb|Dasaswamedh Ghat (main ghat)]]
A '''''ghat''''' is a series of steps leading down to the river, used by bathers and pilgrims, and riverside Varanasi consists of a long sequence of these. It's generally possible to walk directly between them, though near Manikarnika Ghat you'll have to navigate your way up and around through the alleyways. The best option for viewing the ghats is to charter a boat and see them from the river.
Hindus consider it auspicious to die in Varanasi, so some ghats are known as '''burning ghats''', where bodies are cremated (in full view) before their ashes are placed in eased into the GangesGanga.
Some of the main ghats, from north to south:
*'''Panchganga Ghat''' - the meeting of the five rivers
*'''Manikarnika Ghat''' - the main cremation ghat; a must-see, but remain quiet and never take photographs (note: scams are plentiful here; see the "Staying Safe" section)
*'''Dasaswamedh Ghat''' - the main ghat and site of the large evening ''aarti''; only reachable by foot at some times of day, about a 5 minute walk south from GodauliaGodulia
*'''Rana Ghat'''
*'''Kedar Ghat''' - brightly painted in stripes and busy with bathers, very photogenic
*'''Narad Ghat''' - the ghat on which bathing with spouse is not advised because the myth legend of contention
*'''Harishchandra Ghat''' - the cremation place were Raja Harishchandra did the last rituals of his son.
*'''Hanuman Ghat'''
* Deepavali, or '''Diwali''' , is a great time to be in Varanasi, with special preparations going on ceremonies in many temples. The once-in-a-year decorations and ''aarti'' at the ghats are spectacular.
* '''Shivaratri''' is another great time to be in Varanasi. The day of Shivaratri is also the last day of the Dhrupad Mela, a festival of classic indian "Hindustani" (a form of Indian classical music going ) that goes on night and day for three daysabout 72 hours. Since the date of the festival is decided by Hindu lunar calendar, it changes (per the date is never clear and changes western, or Gregorian, calendar) every year.
[[Image:Varanasisunrise.JPG|thumb|Sunrise boat rides on the Ganges]]
*'''Bathe''' Over 60,000 people come down to the waters edge every day to take a dip in the sacred waters of the GangesGanga. Try not to think too much about the dozens of sewage pipes and sunken corpses in the waters around you and you'll find it's not nearly as bad as you expect once you're actually in it. Although medically, bathing in water in which a corpse rests risks infection with numerous blood borne diseases (notably hepatitis) and many infections.
* '''Boat rides''' are very popular, especially at sunrise and sunset. The most popular sunset ride is to start at Dasaswamedh Ghat and head up to Manikarnika Ghat to see the cremations in progress, and then return to Dasaswamedh and watch the evening ''aarti'' from the boat. Sunrise is another magical time for a ride, when the ghats are filled with Hindus bathing and starting their day - one of the most famous sights in India. You can bargain the price down to around Rs 30/person per hour (even for just 1 person in the boat), but expect to be quoted much higher — the current bargained down 'foreign tourist' rate for a boat ride is Rs 300! In fact there is a price limit set by the city in 1998 but still in force today that sets a price range from Rs 50 for boats up to four seats to a maximum of 125 for very large boats. (That's per hour and boat not per person.) At Dasaswamedh there is even a huge sign (in Hindi only) alerting tourists to that fact. If you go Nishadraj ghat, a few minutes walk from Assi, you can find a boat driver named Bhomi, a local singer renowned for his incredible voice and charming, beautiful songs; during the boat ride he sings anything from local folk songs to modern film songs and old devotional ones, and often improvises lyrics over his own songs to communicate with you and the various people gathered on the ghats.
'''Sankrit Tour Zone''' has its extension counter on Dashaswamedh ghat which books Sunrise boating directly online and offline. Fixed rate shop with no bargaining. email: [email protected] or +91-9648000010.
During the trip "market boats" will float up to you selling overpriced trinkets which can be bought much cheaper on land. Any offers of flowers for puja will definitely not be free; Rs 2 per flower bowl and Rs 5 per candle bowl are the going ratesas of even date, though as a tourist you might be asked for as much as Rs 100 each.
*'''Walk''' Get lost in the alleyways - the sounds, sight and smells are just unbelievable! Walk along the ghats. Best way to explore Varanasi is by walk.
*<do name="Kriti Gallery" alt="" address="Raman Niwas, Mahmoor Ganj, Varanasi" directions="opposite All India Radio Station" phone="9839058007" url="" hours="11-6 pm" price="" lat="" long="">A place to interact with contemporary art in the city of Varanasi</do>
*<do name="Chhath festival" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">The Chhath festival is a very colorful festival at the bank of the Ganges in Varanasi.
The rituals of the festival are rigorous and are observed over a period of four days. They include holy bathing, fasting and abstaining from drinking water (Vratta), standing in water for long periods of time, and offering prashad (prayer offerings) and aragh to the setting and rising sun.This is an ancient Hindu festival and only Vedic Festival dedicated to the Hindu Sun God, Surya, also known as Surya Shasht. Most of the time they celebrate it in NovemberThis year its on the 8 november</do>
* <do name="Sanjeevani Booti" alt="संजीवनी बूटी" address="Assi Ghat" directions="" phone="" email="[email protected]" fax="" hours="" price="" url=""> A sexual health, drug, and HIV education NGO. There is always demand for foreigners to visit because there is always work related to public health education to be done. A great volunteer opportunity.</do>
* <do name="'''Punarnava Health'''" alt="address= dumraon bag colony,Assi" address="" directions="behind dumraon bag colony park" phone="+91 9453109313; Contact- Dr.Pramod Kumar." url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" dumraon="Dumraon" bag="bag" direction="near Assi" email="[email protected]"> Ayurvedic treatment, Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara, steam bath, leech therapy, health package, Panchkarma, etc. Learn Ayurvedic food habits, daily routine. '''Basics of Ayurveda course, massage therapy course.'''we are conduct teacher training workshop workshops on Ayurveda and yoga with the in collaboration with yoga shala berlin'''</do>
* '''Yoga''' is also popular, and the same rules apply.
Varanasi is famous for its fine '''silk''' - it's on offer everywhere, but shop around and [[haggle|bargain hard]]!
If you are buying a silk scarvesscarf, make sure you ask if it is a real pure silk scarves scarf or fake oneartificial silk. Fake one Atrificial is cheaper, and you should be able to purchase it for about 50 to 75 rupees, (this will keep changing with time). But be prepared to hear the prices for 200 rupees for a fake one!! The real silk scarves can be bargain down to about 150 rupees or sometimes 100 rupees. Be prepared to hear 650 rupees as asking price!!
* <buy name="Mehrotra Silk Factory" alt="" address="K 4-8A, Lal Ghat, Raj Mandir" directions="near Brahma Ghat, follow the multiple yellow signs" phone="(0091)542 2435892" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""> Government Approved. Has set, reasonable prices and a good selection of handwoven pure silk Sarees, dress materials, bedcovers and hot chocolate and other silk materials.</buy>
* <buy name="Wow India" alt="" address="Assi Ghat" directions="the big corner shop, follow the tourists" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A large collection of handicrafts from all over the country, a good herbal teas, incense and plenty more. Prices are moderate and fixed.</buy>
*<buy name="Loan arts &amp;crafts" alt="[email protected]" address="s.20/52a,nepalikothi" directions="before hotel surya 10 yards left" phone="0091--9336062161" url="" hours="12" price="" lat="" long="">Silk carpets, hand-made, hand-knotted oriental Persian carpets, silk products, silk pashminaspashmina, hand embroidered and hand stitched cashmere wool, papier mache and lots of handicrafts.</buy>
* <buy name="Pratha" alt="" address="Shop No.38, Kashi Anathalaya Building, Maldahiya" directions="Lahurabir - Maldahiya Main Road, Lane by the Main Anathalaya Building " phone="(0091)9451089499" url="" hours="12:00 PM to 8:00 PM" price="" lat="" long=""> A small shop by the corner, showcasing Hand Block printed cotton kurties, suits and accessories. This store does not offer commissions to guides.</buy>
*<eat name="New Bread of Life Bakery" alt="Bread, Cakes and Brownies in Varanasi" address="Main Road, Parallel to Shivala Ghat" directions="Just past the junction at Shivala Ghat, on your left/hand side heading towards Assi Ghat" phone="09415818188" url="" hours="7am-10pm" price="" lat="" long="">The most amazing Chocolate brownies and Apple pies! Plus good homemade brown bread. Wonderful chocolate chip cookies ; pack of six three for 60 Rupees, or one for just 25 Rupees.</eat> *<eat name="Lotus Lounge" alt="" address=" D 14/27, Mansrowar Ghat," directions="" phone="+91 98 38 567717" url="" hours="" price="mid range" lat="" long="">A very nice place to relax and get safe and tasty food.With a nice view over the river and the ghats</eat>
* '''Moti Mahal Delux''' restaurant - in Sigra, 3rd Floor, IP Mall, in the heart of the city. +91-542-2220555. One of the best Indian and mughlai restaurant in the city with a unique fine dining experience. Also provides free delivery of your meal at any location in the city. Also serves authentic chinese and continental.
* '''Radiant''' Restaurant - at 28A, Sampoornanand Nagar, Sigra, Varanasi 221010, Phones:0542-2223831,2224951,6457808 may be the only 24 hours vegetarian restaurant which serves Indian Homely food apart from Continental Vegetarian dishes and Chinese vegetarian dishes. A place to get healthy and law calorie food.Also provides free delivery of your meal at any location in the city.
====Middle-Eastern Food====
*<sleep name="Azure Paying Guest House" alt="" address="Plot number 30, Vijayanagaram Colony Bhelupur, Varanasi , Near Bhelupur Water Tank and Coffee House " directions="" phone="05422276015" url="" checkin="12pm" checkout="11am" price="400600-1000" lat="600" long="">Azure Paying Guest house is located very central of the town of Varanasi and is about 10 mins of walk from the river and the city center. The house has two double rooms with attach bathroom, two double rooms with shared bathroom and one dormitory with shared bathrooms . Bathrooms have western loos ( wc), wc with needed amenities like free wifi , common sitting area , balcony and place to lounge in. The large rooftop area provides a great advantage to hang around and even practice yoga or chill out. The house also have a family kitchen where you can enjoy the taste of Indian cuisine with various types of delicious foods like Pakoda , Thalis, Chai etc. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available on order. The area where the guest house is located is very quiet and have green atmosphere so that you can relax and enjoy your time . Room’s rent starts from rupees 400 upto 600(500 after a bit of bargaining) up to rupees 6001000. Come and experience the difference .</sleep>
*<sleep name="Mangla Paying guest House" alt="" address="D. 32/124, Pataleshwar, Varanasi" directions="" phone="+91 05422451205" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="500" lat="" long="">A new guest house tucked into the alley way near Shanti Restaurant in Bengali Tola near Chowsatti Ghat (which is few meters from Dashashwamedh Ghat). Amit Mitra is the owner. The room is spacious and has strong fan. The toilet is clean and spacious. It is a better option than Peace Guest house or Shiva Guest house which is near by. Hot shower is on and off sometimes, you can ask the owner make sure the hot shower is working. Also Wifi is free. The guest house is still under renovation in the time of writing. room range Room ranges from 500 rupees (fan) to 850 rupees (with AC). email: [email protected] phone: +91 05422451205, mobile: +91 9452196366</sleep>
*<sleep name="2 BR Homestay" alt="" address="Varanasi" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="2:00 pm " checkout="12:00 pm (noon) " price="" lat="" long="">The property is a two bedroom homestay located in the heart of Varanasi.Facilities include Air conditioning, Cable TV, internet and washing machine. The hosts stay on the property and are accessible.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Eden Halt paying guest house" alt="[email protected]" address="D.25/22 Rajaa Ghat," directions="between Dashashwamedh Ghat(5Min.walk)&amp; HarishChandra(burning)Ghat(5Min.walk)" phone="07376848410,09616883299,0542-2454612" url=" Halt.varanasi" checkin="24'Hours" checkout="12:00" price="300-700" lat="" long="">Rly(100Rs.)/Fly(500Rs.)St. to Bangali Tola College(which on Godowlia-Sonarpura road)+ walk 5Min.(East)for Raja Ghat(google searchable)to get river view room+ hot water+ wifi{{with varansi coordination+relious philosophy+horoscope}}</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hotel Ganges" alt="" address="Between Gadaulia and Dashashwamedh Ghat, on the left" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="Noon" price="Rooms between Rs. 500 to Rs.2000 per night." lat="" long="" email="" fax="">The Hotel Ganges is situated very close to the Vishwanath Temple lane. The washrooms are clean, and A/C rooms are available. Stay here if you want to stay in the midst of things in Benaras. </sleep>
* <sleep name="Hotel River View" alt="" address="a couple ghats north of Panchganga Ghat" directions="Walk north from Dasaswamedh Ghat for about 15 minutes, and follow the numerous blue and white painted signs that begin to appear" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rs 100 - 250" lat="" long="" email=""></sleep>
*<sleep name="Maa Vaishno Guest House" alt="माँ वैशो गेस्ट हाउस" email="[email protected]" address="B 5/188" directions="Shivala Ghat" phone="+91-938917856908960774550" url="" checkin="24hr" checkout="12-noon" price="Rs 200 - 500" lat="" long=""> Family run guesthouse situated two minutes from the Shivala Ghat. A very short walking distance to the burning ghats but far enough away to avoid smoke and smell. 10 clean rooms, all with attached bathroom with running hot and cold shower and view of the Ganga. Roof top restaurant, sunrise & sun set from roof & room. Broadband internet (paid),pick up services. laundry, train, bus and air ticket arrangement and other travel services available.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Maruti Guest House" alt="मारुती गेस्ट हाउस" address="Sahodarbir (near Assi Ghat)" directions="" phone="231.2261" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rs 50 - 400" url=""> Friendly family run guest house with clean well lit rooms. There is a roof top garden and restaurant where fresh home made food is served. Power backup for the rooms and hot showers are available as well as broadband Internet access. The owner of the guest house, Dr. V.N. Tripathi, gives Yoga and meditation lessons upon request.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Shiva Kashi Guest House" alt="" address="D22/4 Chausatti Ghat" directions="very near Sita G H" phone="+91 923 551 2294" url="" checkin="" checkout="12.00 noon" price="Rs 2500 - 4000" lat="" long="">Very clean, well-decorated, quiet guest house. Pleasant and helpful staff. Rooms have windows, are light and airy. Some have great balconies. Hot water morning and evening. Western toilets. Great value.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Monu Family Paying Guest House" alt="" address="D8/4 Kalika Gali, Varanasi" directions="Near Golden Temple" phone="+91 542 240 0908" url="" checkin="13:00" checkout="11:00" price="Rs 500 400 - 1200" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">Rooms are available with attach bathroom, western loo, hot and cold shower and free wifi internet access. Music, cookery and language courses are available in house.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Radiant YMCA Tourist Hostel" alt="वायएमसीए हॉस्टल" address=Sampoornanand Nagar, Sigra, Varanasi 221010"" directions="" phone="0542-2224951,2223831,6457808" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rs 315 965 - 18952560">Rooms with Air-Conditioner and Hotwater and 24 hour Restaurant available. The facilities include inhouse Laundry, Doctor(on call), Full Travels & Sightseeing faciliy, Acceptability of Credit Cards, Generator Backup, Parking, Paid Wifi/Internet.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Sahi Riverview Guest House" alt="" address="" directions="on Assi Ghat, next to Harmony Book Shop" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rs 500" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">This place is very clean, quiet, and recommended. Newly opened, the guest house has the most fascinating Ganges views and the exotic sunrise from its balconies, rooms and terrace. All rooms have 24 hrs hot water with attached bathrooms. Rooms with the view 1000 or 1200 with AC. April 2013</sleep>
* <sleep name="Sita Guest House" alt="" address= "Chausatti Ghat" directions="on the banks of the ganges next to the main ghats" phone="542 2450061 or 3251088" email="[email protected]" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url=""> A very short walking distance to the burning ghats but far enough away to avoid smoke and smell. Rooms are clean and of a good size all with view of the river. Hot water in every room and roof top restaurant. The hotel also has generator for the many power cuts in Varanasi. The hotel provides many services for its guests, including internet, in house laundry, train and air ticket bookings.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Tiwari Lodge" alt="" address="B-1/243-A, Assi Ghat" directions="Assi Crossing, accross the street from Hotel Haifa" phone="2315129" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="negotiable" price="Rs 100 - 150" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></sleep>, is right after ''Assi crossing'' close to Assi Ghat. It is run by a Brahmin, a friendly and approachable man who is used to dealing with students and other foreigners. It has its own small temple on site. The Haifa Hotel's wifi can usually be accessed from your room if you go across the sitestreet to ask for the password. Very relaxed and well maintained by local standards, do not expect staff to be present all the time. For check-in the owner can usually be found sitting in near the entrance, talking with the clothes shop owner or ayurveda practitioner who work below the aryuvedic massage cubicle late afternoonsLodge. Upstairs rooms are with shared bath Rs 100/single. Ensuite will be Rs 150, with long term rates negotiable. Bring your sheets and towel. Door locked midnight to 6AM.
Located on the banks o the river Ganges at the city centre, it is not an Hotel but it is a NGO for intercultural dialogue, that also offers rooms for students and scholars. The atmosphere of Ram Bhavan remains faithful to the simple comforts of an Indian home with a splash of colour. Walls are painted in the colors of the ancient city: a cooling forest green facing the court; peacock blues in the bedrooms; Annapurna rose in the kitchen. Furniture is colonial Teak or cane. By Indian law it is necessary for all residing guests to become members of the Society; annual membership is €6. Rooms in high season cost from per day, including half board (€ 1 a day for additional guests sharing the same room). In low season rates are approximately 20% lower. Special prices can be obtained by long term guests. </sleep>
* <sleep name="Diamond Hotel" alt="" address="Bhelupur,Varanasi, 221010," directions="Most centrally located downtown hotel. Walking distance from Ganga Ghat, very close to the major temples, Banaras Hindu University, and the saree market. Ideally located for business, tourism and pilgrimage. 5 Kms from Ramnagar fort &amp; 12 Kms from Sarnath." phone="+91 542 2276696" url="" checkin="" checkout="12 noon" price="Rs 2000 - 5000" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+91 542 2276703">At Diamond Hotel, centrally air conditioned rooms extend a warm and hospitable staying experience. The Hotel offers a range of options for guests interested in arranging conferences, seminars, parties and get-togethers indoor and outdoors for up to 4000 400 people.</sleep>

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