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Check in
====Check in====
Checking in at Indian airports tends to be slow and bureaucratic, involving lots of queueing queuing and security checks. This hasn't been the case in recent times and in a small airport, like that in Patna, it hardly takes 15 minutes for the entire process, which includes getting inside the airport, baggage check-in, collection of boarding pass and security check. Any delay is solely due to big number of passengers during peak hours or just before departure of a plane. However, airports at the metros are quite organized and efficient. A few pointers to smooth your way:
* Arrive '''at least two hours before departure''' if traveling from the major airports. (For domestic flights from minor airports, one hour before is fine.) The new rule dictates that check-in closes 45 minutes before departure time and boarding gate closes 25 minutes before departure. Though the original boarding might take longer, this rule is now being strictly implemented widely to avoid delays in flight departures.
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