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Get in
==Get in==
As the transportation is well-developed, it is very convenient to get Zhouzhuang. There is only 60 kilometers away from Zhouzhuang to Shanghai downtown; 38 kilometers away to Suzhou downtown; 30 kilometers away to Kunshan downtown.
If you go there at night (after 9:30pm or even later), you can directly go into it without any payment. It is really a good way to save money. Also, you can get up early the next day and travel around in it, the morning is not crowded, and so you can have a better experience in it. The majority travelers will come after 10:00am.
===By car===
From Shanghai: A9 highway-getting off at Jinze- go about 4 km of 318 State Road-Shangzhou Road- Zhouzhuang
From Kunshan: Kunzhou Road-Jinxi-Zhouzhuang, 38 killomaters
From Suzhou (via Tongli): Suzhou-Sujia Road-Songling Town- Songbei Road- Pingwang-Huqingping Road-Beiku-Jinjiabei-Zhouzhuang
 From Suzhou (via Yongzhi):Suhong airport(via Yongzhi and Zhangpu)-Zhouxiang- Kunzhou Road-Dashi-Jinxi-Zhouzhuang,71 killomaters 
From Zhejiang: Jiaxing exit of the Huhang highway-Sujia Road-Pingwang-Huqingping Road-Beiku-Jinjiabei-Zhouzhuang
===By bus===
'''From Shanghai:'''
# Shanghai People's Stadium (Shanghai Indoor Stadium, Subway Line 1 and 4). Tel: 24095555. Departure time: 7:00, 8:30, 9:30, 10:10, 10:45, 12:10,14:00. The price is ¥150 which includes round-trip fees and visiting tickets (¥120).
# Long Distance Bus station, next to the railway station. This is a regular bus, not a turist bus. Departures from Shanghai: 8:00, 12:00, 14:20 and 16:50. The last bus home to Shanghai leaves Zhouzhuang at 16:30.
 '''From Suzhou:'''
# Ferry Terminal. Departure time: 10:40, 14:30.
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