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The Wire Tour

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''Turn left on Eastern Ave, then right on Haven St'' to head south into [[Baltimore/Southeast Baltimore|Southeast Baltimore]]. Once you get to O Donnell St, you'll see an overpass. Yes, this is the location where '''McNulty, drunk driving''', to the tune of the Pogues' ''Transmetropolitan'', somehow managed to '''crash his car''' twice in the same place. Do not reenact this scene.
''Turn around and then turn left on Dillon St (since you can't turn onto O Donnell here). Turn left on Conkling and go down to O Donnell''. Look just left and up for one of Baltimore's most famous icons, the neon Brewer's Hill '''Natty Mr. Boh guy'''! If you wait a little at night, he'll wink at you (the frequency of the winks seems linked to consumption of the beverage). Anyway, ''turn right and keep going west through the split around Canton Square'', a gentrifying area full of crowded bars. Near the end of the split, '''St Casimir's Church''' is on the left, where the police and the stevedores' über-Polish feud over the stained glass window began at the outset of Season Two.
''At the end of O Donnell St, turn left to go south and then left again onto Boston St. Turn right on Clinton St to head south along the harbor'', into the territory of The Greek. ''Past Holabird Ave'', start looking on the right for '''The Greek's Diner''' (Johnny's Restaurant). Just past it, you'll come to the so-called '''Port of Philadelphia''' (remember that all scenes were in fact filmed in Baltimore), a.k.a. the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, where Sergei (with Spiros' help) relieved a Turk ("Sailor" Sam) of head and feet. This place has great spooky, abandoned atmosphere at night. The big Liberty Ship, the ''SS John W. Brown'', is today actually a museum ship [], offering several living-history cruises throughout the year.
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