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Get around
===By plane===
The best way to get around the country is by air. Air Canada [] is the main national carrier, and has by far the largest network and most frequent schedulesbut WestJet [] also offers a very similar service. For travel between major centres, no frills carrier WestJet [] offers competitive fares. Unfortunately, due to protectionism policies favouring Air Canada from the Canadian government, fares tend to be more expensive than flying similar distances in the United States, Australia or China, and sometimes, transiting in the US could be cheaper than a direct domestic flight. Most major airports are served by public transit. This consists of feeder buses running at peak frequencies ranging from five to fifteen minutes or less (Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa). Service may be spotty or nonexistent late at night or on weekends if you are outside the major centres. To travel to the city centre/downtown, one or more connections are required in all cities except Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg and Ottawa, making a taxi or shuttle a better idea for large groups or those with a lot of luggage.
Air Hitch-hiking
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