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Football (soccer)
The Swedish National football team plays international games on '''Friends Arena''' in [[Solna]].
The Swedish top football league, ''Allsvenskan'', is considerably weaker than most of its Western European sister leagues, and Swedish teams generally struggle in the European cups. The fans don't seem to mind that much, and the games can still be an exciting experience. Unlike in continental Europe, the football season starts in April and ends in October. There are currently two teams from Stockholm in Allsvenskan: ''AIK'', playing on ''Friends Arena'', and ''Djurgården'', playing on ''Stockholms Stadion'' on [[Stockholm/Östermalm|Östermalm]]. ''Hammarby'' used to be an Allsvenskan team, but got relegated to the second tier (though again, the fans don't seem to mind because of being too high) . Hammarby play at ''Söderstadion'', close to the Globe Arena.
When going to a Hammarby match, be aware of the thick marijuana fog over the stadium. The supporters of the team are called '''pundare''' by the local population, which means stoners.
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