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Previously Off the beaten path

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'''Off the beaten path''' is a showcase article about a lesser-known or unusual travel destination, selected monthly by Wikitravel's users. See [[Previous Destinations of the month]] for better-known destinations, and [[Wikitravel:Destination_of_the_Month_candidates#Nominations_for_Off_the_Beaten_Path|Wikitravel:Destination of the Month candidates]] to nominate and discuss future "Off the beaten path" destinations.
Previously featured destinations were:<br clear="all" />
| valign="top" align="center | [[File:Image-0849 pilar ebro 2004.png|thumb|200px|[[Zaragoza]], [[Spain]]]]
| valign="top" align="center | [[File:Cadlao2.jpg|thumb|200px|[[El Nido]], [[ Philippines]]]]
! April !! May !! June
| valign="top" align="center" | [[File:Umijigoku.jpg| thumb| [[Beppu]], [[Japan]]]]

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