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US Interstate Highways

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Numbering system
* Odd numbered one- and two- digit interstates under 100 transverse the country north to south. Higher numbers are further east and lower numbers are further west. Those ending in 5 are typically longer, transversing nearly the entire country.
• Three-digit numbered interstates are generally localized highways that intersect with a one- or two-digit interstate. They share the last two digits with the main highway, and run either near or off of that highway.
==Types of signs==
* '''Directional signs''': Indicate what exits one should take to reach a certain destination. Usually appear in green.
* '''Distance signs''': Indicate the distance in miles to various cities, towns, or other points along the highway or other routes off the highway. Usually appear in green.
* '''Service signs''': Indicate certain service related businesses, such as food, fuel, and lodging, are coming up at a nearby exit. Usually appear in blue, and display the logos of various chain businesses.
* '''Mile markers''': Indicate which mile point one is at from the state line. Sometimes appear every mile, sometimes every tenth of a mile.
==Speed limits==

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