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{{disclaimerbox|Note that security measures above and beyond what you might encounter in most countries are taken for flights both to and from Israel. These measures are undertaken for your safety and security. On arrival in Israel, as with all countries, passengers will be required to go through passport control, where it is possible that you will be pulled aside for additional questioning. Upon departure from Israel, arriving at the terminal ''at least'' three hours before your flight is well advised, as Israeli security procedures can be time-consuming. Bag inspection, both by machine and hand, is routine and should be expected, in addition to and interview about your time in Israel. The interview is casual, as the security personnel just want to ensure that you are not a potential threat. If travelling as part of a group, questioning will be done individually.}}
Transportation to and from the airport is very convenient. Visitors can access Ben-Gurion by bus, train, taxi, or Sheirut (shared taxi). Note that bus and train service are suspended from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Buses to all points in Israel receive passengers at Airport City, a location a few minutes from from the airport. To access this bus stop, take the Line 5 Egged bus from the terminal to Airport City.,[]also known as El Al Junction.
To get to:
* [[Jerusalem]]:
'''Bus:''' Take bus Egged line 947 or 950 (7:00-21:00, every 20 minutes, ₪20 to the Central Bus Station) or a Sheirut (shared taxi) (operates 24/7, ₪63 per passenger for door-to-door service). Be carefuly not to accidentally board the bus going to Haifa(947) or Netanya (950).
'''Train:''' Trains to Jerusalem are notoriously slow and inefficient, so you're discouraged from using this option.
* [[Tel Aviv]]:
'''Bus:''' There is currently no direct bus service from Ben-Gurion Airport Take Veolia line 475 to the Tel-AvivNew Central Bus Station from El Al Junction until about 10:15 PM[ For services to Telasp?CompanyID=1010&LanguageID=20&Design=2007&LineCode=475_41_-Aviv998013932&TravelDate=]. Veolia line 476 leaves at approximately 9:30 PM and 10:50 PM, take the Line 249 Egged stopping directly at Terminal 3's bus platform instead, and also going to the Petakh Tivkah Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station, where a connecting [http://bus will take you]. Be careful not to board the buses going to Tel-AvivLod.
'''Train:'''Take the direct Tel-Aviv train [] (3:53-23:23, every half an hour during day, every hour during night, ₪14). From Tel-Aviv to other destinations, continue by train or bus.
* [[Haifa]]:
'''Bus:''' Take the Line 947 Egged bus to acces points north of the airport. The bus goes from the airport to Haifa, stopping at Petakh Tikvah, Ra'anana, Netanya, and KhaderaHadera. The ride to Haifa costs ₪37.50, and runs from 6:41-21:10.
'''Train:''' Take the direct train from Ben-Gurion Station to Haifa. There are three train stations in Haifa. The central bus station is Haifa HaShmona. A trip costs ₪39.50.
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