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Get in
[[Image:{{pagebanner|Pittsburgh skyline viewBanner.jpg|right|thumb|350px|Pittsburgh skyline with the Duquesne Incline in the foreground]]}}
[[File:Pittsburgh dawn city pano.jpg|center|800px|Pittsburgh dawn city pano]]
The British were the first to permanently settle Pittsburgh, and early settlers included the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish, as well as German, drawn by mining, shipping, and manufacturing. These people formed the foundation of Pittsburgh, still physically visible in the oldest parts of the city.
By the late 1800s, the demand for labor was so strong the new immigrants - the so-called "millhunksmillhunkies" - began flocking to Pittsburgh, chiefly from Central and Eastern Europe. They not only provided labor, but brought their families, their languages, their churches, and other traditions. Today Pittsburgh's identity has been strongly molded by the ethnic traditions of these immigrants from countries like Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, and Croatia. Steeples and the bright copper onion-dome churches of the Eastern Orthodox tradition dot the old parts of town, and grandmas wearing ''babushkas'' are a common sight. Pittsburgh is also home to a large Jewish community, centered in [[Pittsburgh/East_End-South|Squirrel Hill]].
Pittsburgh's modern economy has brought new immigrants from places such as India and China, along with their traditions; the Pittsburgh region today is home to a number of Hindu temples, for example. Pittsburgh has truly been a great melting pot, and continues to be as a home to thousands of students from across the world that attend the many universities in the city, especially Carnegie Mellon University and the [[Pittsburgh/East End-South#Pitt Campus|University of Pittsburgh]].
*'''Pittsburgh International Airport Info Center'''. Hours: M 9AM-4PM; Tu-F 10AM-5PM; Sa 10AM-6PM; Su 2PM-6PM.
*'''Senator John Heinz History Center''', 1212 Smallman Street, Strip District. Hours: all week, 10AM-5PM.
For a unique tourist experience when planning a visit to Pittsburgh contact Talk to a company with their pulse on the happenings of downtown Pittsburgh. Learn about the thriving restaurant Renaissance, get suggestions or reservations. Learn about tours, attractions shopping, museums and galleries.
==Get in==
'''Pittsburgh International Airport''' ({{IATA|PIT}}) [] is the normal way in, although the area is also served by the smaller Allegheny County Airport in [[West Mifflin]], primarily used by private and corporate airplanes. The airport is located near [[Robinson Township]] in Findlay, about 20 miles west of downtown, translating to about a $35 cab ride ($50 in rush hour traffic). Hotel shuttles and buses are also available, and can be cheaper. A city bus, route '''28X''' [], also connects the airport to Downtown and Oakland, taking a reasonably fast route mostly along freeways and dedicated busways, and costing much less than a taxi.
The airport terminal is relatively new, yet you will find it is quite empty in terms of passenger traffic, even after closing one of the main concourses. This is mainly due to the relocation of many USAir (now later US Airways, now American Airlines) flights to/and from Pittsburgh. When it was built it was the first "airport mall" in the country, which contains many shops and restaurants. It has been much copied since it was completed.
From your plane, you will arrive in the ''Airside Terminal''. If you are transiting to another destination you don't have to leave this building, and this is where most of the Airmall shops are which makes window shopping a pleasant way of passing the time. Free Wi-Fi is also available (Pittsburgh's was the first "international" airport to provide such service). If you are coming to the Pittsburgh area though, you will take a light-rail shuttle a short distance underground to the ''Landside Terminal'' where you will find the baggage claim and the various transportation modes to the city and other regional locations. A Hyatt Hotel is connected to the landside terminal complex and there are several hotels (Embassy Suites and Sheraton among them) within 5 miles of the airport.
The airport is served by United, Delta, Midwest, Myrtle Beach Direct, Airtran, AmericanAllegiant, jetBlue, Air Canada , and WOW Air (which flies to [[Reykjavik]] in [[Iceland]] and USA 3000, is useful for European travelers) but US Airways American and Southwest Airlines are predominant. There are non-stop flights to/from most of the major airports around the country, as well as some service to Canada and the Caribbean and limited service to Paris.
===By bus===
'''Megabus''' [] serves Pittsburgh with service from various cities in the Northeast and Midwest. The bus stop is located under the David L. Lawrence Convention Center just north of the intersection of 10th Street and Penn Avenue. Fares from $1 and up.
'''Metropolitan Shuttle''' [] 11141 Georgia Ave., Ste. 218, Wheaton, MD 20902, +1 866 556 3545 . Metropolitanshuttle offer charter buses and rental bus services.
===By car===
==Get around==
Pittsburgh is often difficult for strangers to navigate because the roads go every which way, constrained by the rivers and hills. Many are one-way and nearly all are narrow, as they were laid out in the days of horse-and-buggy transportation. Those with a GPS navigation device should get around fine. For those without, a taxi is an option until you get used to the roads, but the public transit, operated by the '''Port Authority''' (see below), works quite well for travel within the City. If you do find yourself lost or unsure, however, do not be afraid to ask for help. Most locals are so very friendly - and giving directions can be so confusing - that they might just show you to your destination themselves.
===By public transit===
*'''Zones:''' Fare varies depending on the zone you are traveling to/from. These zones are radial, with Downtown as the center. All bus schedules have charts detailing fare structure. The PortAuthority also has a webpage explaining fare structure [].
**'''Base fare''' is $2.50, and covers destinations within Zone 1, which encompasses the city limits and a few nearby suburbs. Travel within from Zone 1 to Zone 2, which covers the outlying suburbs, is $3.75. A Zone 2 to Zone 2 trip is $2.50, tell the driver your destination and to lower the fare on the farebox to a 1 Zone price if you are traveling from Zone 2 to Zone 2 in the suburbs before you deposit your money or tap your card.
**The '''Free Fare Zone''' covers the Downtown core, offering free bus and trolley service. This zone is bound by the rivers and, on the east, Ross and 11th Streets.
*'''Transfers:''' For an extra dollar, passengers can purchase a transfer ticket, valid for three hours to use on any other route (including the one you rode in on, a good money-saver for short trips).
With a multitude of hills, valleys, Pittsburgh is an eclectic town to travel by car for even the natives. Very little is straightforward about Pittsburgh travel via car, but some constants help road warriors get by.
Major highways include the Parkways East, West (both Interstate 376), and North (Interstate 279). The PA Turnpike (Interstate 76) connects Pittsburgh to [[Harrisburg ]] and [[Philadelphia ]] to the east, and [[Akron|Akron., Ohio]] and [[Cleveland]] to the west, while Interstate 79 provides connections to [[Erie ]] in the north and [[Morgantown|Morgantown, West Virginia ]] in the south. Other major routes include Interstate 579 (Crosstown Blvd), PA 51, PA 28, PA 837, PA 885, PA Turnpike 43 (Mon-Fayette Expressway (''partially completed'')), US 19, US 22, and US 30.
A trick to not getting lost in Pittsburgh is the well-kept secret of the '''Belt System''' []. The Belt System consists of 5 color-coded routes along main roads, forming a unique system of ring routes around the City and county. It provides a navigational aid for motorists in unfamiliar portions of the county. These belts are long, winding circular paths which allow travelers to freely explore the city with little fear of getting truly lost. If you are hopelessly lost and encounter a Belt sign (blue, red, yellow...), following these signs is a good way to locate a main travel artery and get back on track, as they cross most major highways. If nothing else, the belts tend to eventually circle back on themselves and, at the very least, you will get back to where you started if you keep following them. Routes are marked with signs showing a colored circle.
[[Pittsburgh/North Side|North Side]] is home to quite a few museums - the '''Andy Warhol Museum''' is one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world, with exhibits of the artist's life and work, recreations of portions of "The Factory", screening of films, and educational programs about the Pittsburgh-born artist as well as other contemporary and pop artists. The '''Carnegie Science Center''', a major science museum which is another of the Carnegie Museums, and the '''Children's Museum of Pittsburgh''' are both very popular with kids. The '''Mattress Factory''' is contemporary art on the installation-scale, with several notable James Turrell works in their permanent collection. The '''National Aviary''' allows you to get up close with plenty of exotic birds.
You can check out further artistic venues on the '''Pittsburgh Art Places ''' website [].
[[Image:Pittsburgh skyline view.jpg|right|thumb|350px|Pittsburgh skyline with the Duquesne Incline in the foreground]]
''See the [[Pittsburgh#Districts|Districts]] articles for more listings.''
[[Image:Pnc park pittsburgh2.jpg|thumb|300px|PNC Park]]
With tons of die-hard fans, three major league sports teams, and a long history of sports dedication, Pittsburgh is truly a great sports town. And few things define Pittsburgh like the '''Pittsburgh Steelers''' NFL team, who go down in history as one of the greatest NFL franchises of all time and have one of the largest fan bases in all of American football. The Steelers play all their home games at Heinz Field in the [[Pittsburgh/North Side|North Side]]. Also in the North Side is PNC Park, home of the '''Pittsburgh Pirates''' MLB team. While Due to its tremendous views of the Pirates have fallen on hard times for quite a while nowcity, they manage to keep a sizable fan base and their ballpark PNC Park is almost universally considered one of the most beautiful best baseball parks in the major leaguescountry. Pittsburgh is also home to the '''Pittsburgh Penguins''' NHL team, the 2009 2016 Stanley Cup winners. The Penguins play [[Pittsburgh/Downtown|Downtown]] at the newly constructed Consol Energy Center, next to the former Mellon Arena (or Civic Arena), or more informally "The Igloo" for its unique architectural design.
College sports are also very big in Pittsburgh. The '''Pittsburgh Panthers''' of the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) are very popular in the region, with teams in a variety of sports. The men's and women's basketball teams have been very competitive lately, with the men's frequently ranking in the top 15 in the NCAA basketball playoffs. Both basketball teams play at the Petersen Events Center on the Pitt campus in [[Pittsburgh/East End-South|Oakland]]. The Panthers football team is also quite popular; they share Heinz Field with the Steelers. Also in Pittsburgh are the '''Duquesne Dukes''' of Duquesne University near Downtown, whose basketball and football teams remain popular, and the '''Carnegie Mellon Tartans''' of Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland. The '''Robert Morris Colonials''' of Robert Morris University are in the northwest suburb of Moon Township.
Several different tour companies are centered around Station Square in [[Pittsburgh/South Side|South Side]], and most of them focus on giving river tours - indeed, one of the best ways to see Pittsburgh is from the three rivers themselves, taking in views of the downtown skyline, the hillsides, the bridges, and the stadiums.
*<see name="The Pittsburgh Tour Company" alt="" address="517 445 South 27th Street" directions="" phone="+1 412 381-8687" url="" hours="" price="$20 adults, $10 children 5-12 " lat="" long="" children="children" 5-12="5-12" fax="" email="[email protected]" priceextra="">A hop-on/hop-off double decker bus tour throughout Pittsburgh; ride, then hop off to explore.</see>
* <see name="Just Ducky Tours" alt="" address="125 W, Station Square Dr" directions="" phone="+1 412 402-3825" url="" hours="" price="$19 adults, $15 children 3-12, $5 infants" lat="" long="" fax="" email="" priceextra="">A 1 hour land and water tour showing you the sites and attractions of Pittsburgh. Departs at Station Square, next to the Hard Rock Cafe. Reservations are a must to make sure you get a spot to "quack".</see>
* <see name="Trolley Tours Pittsburgh" alt="" address="" phone="+1 412-741-2720" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="" priceextra=""> Tour on an "old-fashioned" trolley including the Historic Neighborhood and Heritage Neighborhood Tour.</see>
===Other Activities===
Pittsburgh is home to a collection of outdoor adventures and activities for any experience level, physical fitness, and price level.
* <listing name="Learn2Glide Hang Gliding School" alt="" address="" phone="+1 334-245-4332" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""> Hang Gliding Classes with Learn2Glide. </listing>
Each district has its unique restaurants, but the main districts for eating are the Strip District, South Side and, of course Downtown. Mt Washington, Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Oakland, Bloomfield, and Squirrel Hill also contain a wide variety of restaurants. If you're willing to go a little off the beaten path, you'll also find gems tucked away just slightly further out which are still accessible by PAT bus.
*'''Primanti Bros.''' [] is as synonymous with Pittsburgh as the hot dog is to New York. The Primanti sandwich is served on a sheet of wax paper with two slices of Italian bread then it is piled high with coleslaw and french fries(don't order the coleslaw or fries on the side - you will likely get made fun of). The other ingredients after these depends on the sandwich you order. There are many locations in and around the Pittsburgh area but the original is in the [[Pittsburgh/East End-North#Eat|Strip District]]. A stop should be made here to try some food that embodies Pittsburghers. There is also a Primanti Bros at PNC Park at Section 110. Get there early to beat long lines.
* The '''[[Pittsburgh/East End-North#Eat|Strip District]]''' has tons of ethnic groceries, eateries, and vendors, with plenty of free samples.
* '''[[Pittsburgh/East End-South|Shadyside]]''' is also an important center for Pittsburgh's gay community, mostly concentrated around Ellsworth Avenue. Shadyside features the popular gay bars 5801 and Spin, and the gay-owned-and-themed restaurant Harris Grill. There are also many salons, spas, gyms, and art galleries in this area that cater to the gay community.
'''Beer''' is very dear to Pittsburgh, highlighted by '''Penn Brewery''', in the [[Pittsburgh/North Side|North Side]], a popular German beer hall and restaurant in a beautiful historic old brewery building, which also hosts an annual Oktoberfest. The new '''Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh''' on the [[Pittsburgh/South Side|South Side]], modeled after the legendary 400+ year-old Hofbräuhaus in [[Munich]], is perhaps the most authentic you can get without being in [[Germany]]. In addition, East End Brewing and the Church Brew Works are two local breweries whose beers can be found on tap all over the city.
'''Coffee''' is just as important to many Pittsburghers as beer. Some of the best can be found at: '''Enrico's Tazzo d'Oro''' in Highland Park (said to be the best); '''Coffee Tree''' in Squirrel Hill and Shadyside; '''Nicholas Coffee''' downtown; and '''Crazy Mocha''', which has many locations around town. The Strip District also has three roasters, notably '''La Prima Espresso'''.
*<drink name="Station Square Entertainment Complex" alt="" address="124 W Station Square Drive" directions="South Side" phone="" url="" hours="10- Midnight" price="Moderate" lat="" long="">Many different restraunts such as The Hard Rock, Joes Crab Shack, Bar Louie etc.
Save room for dessert, or spend the day enjoying the show next to "The Waltzing Waters Fountain Show" in "Bessemer Court," at The New York Original Italian ice & Fresh Cannoli. Have a Mango Gelati, or a delicious shaved ice while having fun chosing your newest favorite pair of "Designer Inspired Sunglasses , and Flip Flops in "The Courtyard." "Bessemer Court" is a favorite enjoted by locals , and tourists alike.</drink>
''See the [[Pittsburgh#Districts|Districts]] articles for more listings.''
Downtown has the greatest concentration of hotels. It is sometimes possible to get a room at some of the top downtown hotels (the Marriott, the HiltonWyndham, and the William Penn, for example) at bargain basement prices ($45120-$70150) from discount sites such as priceline and hotwire, so do a search before calling the hotel itself. For those visiting the universities or other attractions in the Oakland area, there are a number of convenient options. Airport accommodations, located near the airport outside of Pittsburgh itself, are mostly in [[Robinson Township]] and [[Moon Township]], about 12 miles west of Pittsburgh. Bear in mind that hotels close to the city are booked solidly in advance and/or inflated in price around the time of Steelers home games, so plan ahead.
* On Sundays in the fall and winter, some fans of the local football team (the Steelers) tend to get out of hand. While the great majority won't bother you, it is suggested that out of town fans do not wear the clothing of the team they are playing that day or that of their main rivals (the Baltimore Ravens) at any time. You will likely may run into crazed fans who will pick fights or ridicule you--at the very least, although you're unlikely to get more than a sideways look. There was a time when wearing Cleveland Brown apparel would be cause for concern, but currently this will more than likely get you laughed at. It is also advisable to not wear any athletic apparel of the rival hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers. Pittsburghers do take their sports loyalty to another level, but will by and large do so in a respectful manner.
* Whether driving, bicycling, or walking, watch out for drivers making the "Pittsburgh Left" (see [[#By car_2|By Car]], above).
*'''The Pitt News''', []. Monday-Friday during the school year, every Wednesday during the summer. Published by the students of the University of Pittsburgh.
*'''The Tartan''', []. Free weekly paper published by Carnegie Mellon students.
*'''The Courier''' An African American Newspaper Daily Circulation []
===Laurel Highlands===
About 50 miles to the southeast of Pittsburgh are the [[Laurel Highlands]], a hilly area with the highest elevations in Pennsylvania (with Mount Davis in Somerset County the highest point in the state at 3,213 feet (979 m)). The Laurel Highlands is a popular area for hiking, mountain biking, rafting, whitewater kayaking, hunting, trout fishing, wildlife viewing, leaf peeping, and downhill skiing.
* The lovely town of '''[[Ohiopyle]]''' is located 70 miles to the southeast. It is surrounded by the beautiful Ohiopyle State Park with acres of mountains and the Youghiogheny [yaw-ki-GAAY-nee] River. Whitewater rafting is popular here, but there are many opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and more.
===Further out===
* '''[[Leechburg]]''' - site of first U.S. use of natural gas in industry and key historical significance in development in Pennsylvania Canal system. About 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh in Armstrong County, [[Pennsylvania]].
* '''[[Punxsutawney]]''' is home to Phil, the groundhog of Groundhog Day fame. About 60 miles northeast of Pittsburgh in Jefferson County, [[Pennsylvania]].
* '''Pro Football Hall of Fame''' in nearby [[Canton (Ohio)|Canton]], [[Ohio]] about two hours west via the PA/Ohio Turnpike then south on I-77.
* '''[[Franklin (Venango County)|Franklin]]''' - Together with [[Titusville (Pennsylvania)|Titusville]] and [[Oil City]], it is known as the '''Oil Region''', where America's oil industry originated. Remnants of the former wealth of the region can be found in local architecture.
* '''[[Erie]]''' - Boating on Lake Erie, walking along the harbor, and exploring Presque Isle State Park are great ways to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and relax
* '''[[Morgantown, West Virginia]]''' - Home to West Virginia University, the flagship educational institute for the State of West Virginia.
* '''[[Cleveland]]''' - with the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and other attractions, a couple of hours to the northwest (though no Pittsburgher would ever advise you to visit willingly).
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