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By train
If you are just connecting through Ahmedabad, there are showers available just outside and to the left of the station for Rs 10.
Find all trains to Ahmedabad at
===By car===
== Get around ==
[[Image:Ahmedabad_City_Tourist_Map.png|thumb|right|Tourist Map of Ahmedabad]]
'''Note''': The services of AMTS and BRTS close down after '''11 PM''' till '''6 AM''' in the morning.===By rickshawAMTS bus===After your first harrowing attempt to cross an The local city buses are run by '''Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS)''' forming a wide network covering almost all the points of Ahmedabad street on foot, you will likely conclude that . ''Any destination in the best way to get around is city can be reached from anywhere in the yellow city'' by AMTS. To identify them and green three-wheeled noise machines known as distinguish them from the auto-rickshaws state transport GSRTC buses or simply rickshawsthe private luxury buses here is the key: The older buses in this service are painted in '''''red and white''''', whereas new ones put up by '''JnNURM''' are in '''''red and yellow''''' having electronic display boards. Hollering You may easily '''''ask around''auto' or 'rickshaw' the people esp. those waiting at a passing rickshaw should be enough to catch one of the AMTS stops about the drivers attentionroute, if you need to--after alltime, etc. as the information displayed is in Gujarati. Also, if you don't look Indian, it is likely that if you step outside you ''Public Transit''' option on Google Maps will be followed at all times by at least one rickshaw driver pestering show you the '''''nearest''''' AMTS stop while searching directions from your location to take a ride. In most cases, the drivers will be able to understand Hindi destination and maybe even a few words of Englishit also gives information about the bus numbers, transfer points, etc. They are normally quite helpful and are though timings might not known to cheat touristsbe reliable. As alwaysAlso you may install an unofficial '''App''' named 'Ahmedabad AMTS Info', agree available on a fare before getting inGoogle Play Store for Android devices, which guides you regarding travel routes, transfers, etc.
There The terminals are some taxis but you will need to book them in advance or located at the airport or railway station. You can also rent a "Qualis"Lal Darwaja, Kalupur, Sarangpur, a slang generic term for a SUV-taxi named after the common Toyota QualisOld Vadaj (but now are available as many other bandsJuna Vadaj), Maninagar, such as the Chevy and MahindraAkhbarnagar (Nava Vadaj). Normally, they are offered with a driver, Vasna and Naroda and they will stay with you all day, week, or even month, if you'd like. This chauffeur can normally understand Englishthe depots at Jamalpur, Memco (Naroda Patiya) and knows the city very wellMemnagar. Most famous ricksaws are of Tushar Riksha Company founded by famous Ricksaw driver Tushar DaveIn total, who owns more than 100 rikshas in Ahmedabad. Tushar rickshaws are famous for their weird look and good serviceAMTS has around 1200 stops with 210 routes.
===By auto===Best way It is mandatory to reach all board the bus from the nook rear end door and corner of Ahmedabad is alight from the front end one. The conductor on the bus will issue you a ticket according to travel by Auto onlyyour destination stop. Even though most Keep handy some notes of ₹ 10/20/50 denominations rather than the drivers higher ones as the fares are very low (''these buses are not able the cheapest means to speak English if travel in the city''). A '''''pay - per - ride''''' fare will cost you give a clue to them by landmark or destination place they will drop you safely. Comparing with Car's cost 'minimum'' fare of this will be very cheap and availability of this '''₹ 3''', while the ''maximum'' fare is only '''₹ 25'''). You may also highopt to buy a '''''Man Pasand''''' ticket worth '''₹ 45''' (available from the bus conductor) which entitles you to unlimited rides for a single day. Though, as buses are the most common transport facility for the common people in the city, they are overcrowded at times.
===By bus===For using During the local buses, journey you will need may request your co-passengers or the conductor to know some [[Gujarati phrasebook|Gujarati]], as inform you when the routes destination arrives/is about to arrive so that you don't miss getting off at your stop and numbers are written only in that languagethen have to take a reverse trip. Besides, buses are Also keep moving towards the most common transport facility for front end door as the common bus will be crowded with people standing in the city corridor between seats and hence they are overcrowded it might be difficult to quickly rush to the door and get off, when your destination arrives (the bus won't halt at times. BRTS is also another mode a stop more than 15-20 sec, unless it's the AMTS Central Terminus at Lal Darwaja or the last stop of transport in Ahmedabadthe journey).
===By TaxiBRTS bus===Another city bus service, run by Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL), is the famous '''Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS)'''. These buses are silver-coloured and run on '''dedicated corridors''' in the ''centre portion of the roads''. As this service is relatively new in comparison to AMTS, all places cannot be accessed but wherever available, it is the best way to commute as it is '''remarkably faster''' than other modes (as no other vehicle can ply on BRTS corridor) and all the stops are marked well, in both English and Hindi. One can also travel using a combination of BRTS, AMTS and/or auto rickshaw, although it must be noted that the ticketing systems of BRTS and AMTS are not integrated. The fares are only slightly higher than AMTS (''min''. fare '''₹ 4''', ''max''. fare '''₹ 36''')  The BRTS stops are having '''elevated shelters''' in the dedicated central corridor itself, from where you can purchase your ticket. Keep the ticket with you '''''till you don't alight''''' at the destination stop, where you show the ticket to the checker and then leave the shelter on to the road. For boarding/alighting, the buses are equipped with central automatic doors that open up automatically when the bus halts at your stop, at the elevated platform of the shelter itself. Whenever a bus halts at a stop, the name of the stop will be displayed on electronic boards inside the bus. In the shelters, there will be boards displaying real-time information about arrivals or upcoming buses along with the routes and estimated time remaining for the arrivals. For information on all the BRTS stops, one may visit which shows the stops according to the Line or install an unofficial '''App''' of BRTS Ahmedabad available on Google Play Store for Android devices, which provides information such as travel options, routes, fare, time, stops, etc. (Note: The Public Transit option on Google Maps '''''doesn't''''' show BRTS services, only the AMTS ones) Recently, Kalupur Railway station, the main railway station of Ahmedabad (operated by Indian Railways) has been made accessible through BRTS on the '''Line no. 9''' route of RTO Circle - Town Hall (Ellisbridge) and on the '''Line no. 10''' route of Anjali (Vasna) - Kalupur Railway Station.  Also the GSRTC Central Bus Terminus (Geeta Mandir) is accessible through the BRTS stops of Aastodia Chakla or Aastodia Darwaja on the '''Line no. 9'''. Following are the routes according to the Line Numbers:<br /> 1) RTO Circle - Maninagar<br /> 2) Anjali (Vasna) - Naroda<br /> 3) RTO Circle - Naroda<br /> 4) RTO Circle - Sarkari Litho Press (Delhi Darwaja)<br /> 5) Iskcon - Maninagar<br /> 6) Soni ni chali - Odhav<br /> 7) Sarkari Litho Press (Delhi Darwaja) - Science City Approach<br /> 8) Visat Junction - Maninagar<br /> 9) RTO Circle - Town Hall (Ellisbridge)<br /> 10) Anjali (Vasna) - Kalupur Railway Station ===By auto rickshaw===You'll spot on the streets, the yellow and green three-wheeled noise machines known as the auto-rickshaws or simply rickshaws. These are always cheaper than taxis and much costlier than AMTS or BRTS when distance is longer than 3 kms. They are not very comfortable and spacious. The drivers might ride very roughly, in which case you might request him to drive smoothly and slowly. Hollering 'auto' or 'rickshaw' at a passing rickshaw should be enough to catch the drivers attention, if you need to--after all, if you don't look Indian, it is likely that if you step outside you will be followed at all times by at least one rickshaw driver pestering you to take a ride. In most cases, the drivers will be able to understand Hindi and maybe even a few words of English. They are normally quite helpful and are not known to cheat tourists. As always, agree on a fare before getting in. Day and night fares are different. If you look a out-of-the-town person, you may end up getting overcharged. For example, he might insist on a fare based on meter and take you to your destination through a longer route. Having a pre-requisite knowledge about the distances through Maps can be helpful in such instances. ===By taxi===
A reliable way of booking your cab is to book it online. There are a couple of popular sites where you have the luxury of choosing from a variety of options - [], [], [], [], [].
*'''S. G. Highway''', or Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway, the recently developed hub of entertainment in Ahmedabad, is worth putting in couple of evening for. From fun and movies at Fun Republic and Wide Angle or R-World to temples like Mini Vaishnow Devi Temple and ISKON temple, you will find almost everything that you need for entertainment. The same highway leads you to Gandhinagar as well, where you can visit Akshardham temple and many other places of interest.
*'''Dada Hari ni Vav (step well)'''in Asarwa. Next to this there is Mataji ni Vav (also a step well). Vavs are the thing that can be experienced when days get hotter, it is cooler inside a step well... yet to be filled with water and waiting for rain... whether it rains or not it is cool in there.. It is a small rikshaw ride in a narrow lane right next to behind ''Hutheesingh Jain Temple''.
*'''Veechar Utensil Museum''', the only museum in the country showcasing over 3,000 utensils used by the various households in India. It's a personal collection of Mr. Surendra Patel who has curated and designed the museum. The museum is a part of Vishalla, a restaurant serving ethnic Gujarati Food. It's a magnificent museum showcasing a very different culture of India.
*'''National Insitute of Design''', India's Premier Design Institute with over 16 disciplines of Design.
[[Image:ATMA_House.jpg|thumb|350px|Le Corbusier's Mill Owners' Institute]]
*'''Husain Doshi Gufa''', called Amdavad ni Gufa. Time s 4 to 10 pm evening. There s a '''Kanoria Gallery of Art''' and '''Vikram Sarabhai Science Musuem''' for children in one walkable area (Say Gujarat University area). Best of all there s no Entry fee. This place has some fantastic open air eatables in makeshift vans especially around ''Navrangpura Commerce Six Roads'' L D Arts Lane.
*'''Auto World Vintage Car Museum''', Shri Pranlal Bhogilal is a connoisseur of vintage cars. He has converted his private collection of vintage cars into a museum named Auto World Vintage Car Museum at Dastan Farm House. The Museum has a collection of more than 100 cars. The cars are amazing and lovely. One could find all the best cars of the world – Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach, Jaguar, Cadillacs, Austin, Chrysler, Lincoln, Ford and many many more. Each car is in a perfect driving condition. In fact, you can even drive them by paying a hefty fee – Rs 500 for 3.5 km drive in a historic car.
* '''Formule1 Hotel''' - The French discount major is opening in Prahladnagar 380015, in July 2012.[]
* '''Tune Hotel Ahmedabad''' - Comfort and convenience with value in mind. Located in Motera. Open for bookings! []
===Mid range===
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