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Footloose in Old Delhi

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===Custom Travel Services===
The road trip manager travels with an individual to mid-sized tours (in terms of personnel involved).
A road trip manager's day-to-day workload can include:
 Making travel & hotel arrangements (for all group members)
 Produce a budget for the tour by calculating costs for accommodation, transport, entry fee and other expenses
 Overseeing venue arrival & double-checking hospitality and special arrangements
 Overseeing hotel departures on time
 Overseeing travel arrangements
 Handling personnel issues
 Troubleshooting unforeseen issues and emergencies that occur
Road trip managers can be confused with tour managers. Generally speaking, though, tour managers work with upper-mid to large scale tours and are often hired by money making travel organizations.
For Road Trip Manager:
You may send a mail to [email protected] || [email protected]
You may also find road trip manager on social networking sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Linkedin

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