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Muang Ngoi Neua

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[[Image:Muang Ngoi Neua Main Street2.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Muang Ngoi Neua, Luang Prabang Province]]'''Muang Ngoi Neua''' is a small riverside village in [[Northern Laos]] with no permanent electricity and (edit since april 2013 the villages is connected with electricity) . Prior to 2013, Muang ngoi had no road access. In the last few years it has become part of the [[Banana Pancake Trail]] with rapid construction of tourist infrastructure in response to the increasing influx of visitors. Nevertheless, it remains a low-key destination in a stunning location. Interesting treks can also be done to tribal villages in the area.
==Get in==
* Visit surrounding villages, '''Bana''', '''Huay Bo''', and '''Huay Sen'''. To '''Bana''', walk ~30min past '''Tham Kang''' cave. It'll be on the left hand side across the rice fields. To '''Huay Bo''', you'll need to walk another 20min past '''Bana''' by going across the river. (Tip: to Huay Bo, follow the sign to Konsavan Guesthouse that'll lead you across the river). There are guest houses in all 3 villages, costing 5,000kip to 15,000kip for a bungalow.
* Live the rural life: hunt with ancient rifles, fish with a fishing net, create fire by burning a plastic bottle, cook, and eat. The owner of Khonesavanh will take people, whether you stay at the his guest house or not. At one point he was annexing his guest house, letting people help him with construction.
* '''Niksa's Bungalows''' - Halfway down main road, on the right, Niksa's has riverside bungalows with attached bathroom, and two hammocks for each bungalow. Friendly staff. Seems to be one of the best budget options. 30,000 kip low season (June 2012).
*<sleep name="Khonesavanh" alt="" address="Huay Bo village" directions="" phone="(856) 030-9235-830" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="5000? kip" lat="" long="">The owner is quite smart and takes people out for hunting, fishing, construction, walking tours, and whatever else he can think of.</sleep>
Take the public boat to Nong Kiau (every day 9.30am 25.000 kip) or charter a boat to Muang Khua or Luang Prabang. It is also possible to make a one day trek or kayak back to Nong Kiau.
Although there is a sign at the boat office in Muang Ngoi indicating that there is no scheduled boat to Muang Khua, and the local boat operators in Muang Ngoi will insist that there is no scheduled boat going north to Muang Khua. This is actually a lie (presumably to encourage unnecessary charters). As of February 2013 there is a boat leaving Nong Khiaw at 11:00 daily that stops in Muang Ngoi at 12:00 daily, continuing to Muang Khua. Actual departure times seem to be ~30 minutes late on an average day. The fare is 110,000 kip from Muang Ngoi (or Hod Sa Pheuy) to Muang Khua.
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