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[[Image:Panagsama Beach, Moalboal.jpg|upright=1.5|thumb|300px|Sea view of Panagsama Beach]][[File:High tide at White Beach in Moalboal.JPG|thumb|300px|Panorama of White Beach in Moalboal at high tide.]]'''Moalboal''' is a small town on the South-West side of [[Cebu (island)|Cebu island]].It's mostly used as an entry point to Panagsama Beach, where are most of the resorts, restaurants, bars and dive schoolsare.[[Image:Panagsama Beach, Moalboal.jpg|240px|thumb|right|Sea view of Panagsama Beach]]
At first glance it may seem like there is not much to do for a tourist in Moalboal itself, but it serves as an excellent basecamp for diving and exploring the surrounding area. The many diveshops in Panagsama beach are mixed with a lot of bars and restaurants, and you can find both luxury and budget friendly accommodation to return to after your excursions. Moalboal is mostly known for the diving its coastline's multiple reefs provide, but if you look a bit further there are many more natural wonders to explore. The mountains inland offer spectacular vistas and the area is covered by dense tropical rain forests divided by rivers and canyons.
==Get in==
The easiest way to join reach Moalboal is from [[Cebu City]]. The 80km road is in good condition, even in the second part in the mountainsand is about 80 km
===By van===
Most of the resorts/dive shops in Moalboal propose to hire van from Cebu airport to Moalboal. Be ready to pay around 2500PHP ₱3000 for this 2,5 hour 3 hr trip. 
===By taxi===
Taxis cn can be hired at Cebu Airport for 2₱3,400 pesos 000 (fixed rate as of Nov January 2012). Many of the hotels and guest houses in Panagsama Beach will send a car or van for pickup for about 2₱3,000 pesos.
===By bus===
{{infobox|Watch out for problematic ticket collectors|Before boarding the bus, make sure you know the price you have to pay for the ticket. You can also read it off the ticket you get from the ticket collector (who will be on the bus during the whole journey). Do not pay more, this is the final price. It is also a good idea to pay the exact amount since the ticket collectors walk away with your money and tend to forget about the change. Some are very good at ignoring you. Also do as the locals do and pay your ticket as soon as possible and not shortly before you get off. This avoids discussion under time pressure.}}
As usual, the cheapest method is a local bus (2,.5 to 3 hours).From Cebu airport, take a taxi and ask to go to the south bus terminal (the airport is in Mactan, quite far from Cebu city, so be ready to pay around 200PHP ₱200 for this). The yellow airport taxis are more expensive - expect to pay around 300 PHP₱300. White taxis can be found at the top of the ramp leading up to departures.
Then take the bus here (the main company is the yellow color buses of Ceres Liner). Be sure to use an already almost full bus to avoid waiting.The no-aircon (most are like this) travel will cost you 107PHP ₱107 (Jan 2013) + 10PHP ₱10 of terminal fee if you don't pay directly in the bus. Air on -con buses are 111PHP ₱111 (May 2012).
Coming from Dumaguete, it is possible to take the ferry boat between Siluban Sibulan (ca PHP 100 ₱100 by tricycle from the city center) and cross to Lilo-An on Cebu island. There, take another tricycle (around PHP 50₱50) to the nearby bus station. Ceres busses buses headed for Cebu city City stop there regularly, and some of them go via Moalboal (ask the driver). The bus fare is PHP65 ₱65 (aircon, july 2012)
Note: there are no ATM's in Panagsama beach so bring enough pesos for your stay. There is, however (2012), an ATM in the 360 pharmacy in MoalBoal town (about 4  km from the beach, reachable by tricycle). Although sometimes it doesn't work.
==Get around==
The easiest way to go get around is to use tricycles.From Moalboal to Panagsama Beach, the usual fare is 50PHP ₱50 by day, but you will have to bargain during a long hours time to get that. Don't pay more than 80PHP ₱80 though...To White beach most people were paying 100₱100-150PHP 150 in May 2012.If you don't have much luggage, another cheap way to get around is by "hubbal-hubbal", basically riding on the back of a motorbike. Moalboal to Panagsama by hubbal-hubbal is around ₱20-30. You can also take the shared tricycles that go back and forth between Moalboal and Panagsama for about ₱5-10. If you are staying for a bit longer, it's a good idea to rent a motorbike. A smaller Honda XRM 125cc can be had for around ₱400 per day. Marcosas Cottages Resort in Panagsama has good motorbikes for rent (tel. +63 32 474 0064)
=== Kawasan Water Falls ===
[[File:Kawasan Falls Cebu Island.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Swimming in Kawasan Water Falls]]The Kawasan water falls (a three step waterfall) is located in the rain forest approximately 20 km south of Moalboal (past Badian). If you take the bus from in front of the public market in Moalboal (near 360 Pharmacy), you can ask the bus driver or ticket collector to drop you off at the right place. The bus ticket from Moalboal to the water falls or vice versa costs PHP 19₱19.00. You also need to pay an entrance fee of PHP 5₱5.00 and will get an official receipt. Be careful of the 'guides' offer. The walk up to the fall is very easy and you do not need a guide.
Getting to the falls is approximately a 30 minute ascent through an impressive landscape. You can take a nice cooling swim in the natural pools, or take a raft out to the falls. There are resting place tables for a charge, some small restaurants and very simple accommodation available.
The falls can sometimes be a bit crowded (especially on weekends) so if you're looking for more of a nature experience, check out the guided canyoning tours that are offered by some resorts in Panagsama. Tours start in the morning, above the waterfalls, and you make your way down wading along the river, swimming through deeper sections and jumping down waterfalls. Takes about one day, around php 2₱2,500 per person. Two good tour operators are [ Freediving Philippines] and [ Planet Action Adventure].
=== White Beach ===
[[File:White Beach Moalboal.JPG|thumb|300px|Picture of White Beach, taken towards the south outside Barefoot White Beach Resort]]
About 7 kilometres north of Panagsama you'll find White Beach or Basdako, meaning 'Big Sand', a nice white sandy beach lined with a beautiful coral reef about 30 meters out. Pack your mask and snorkel. White Beach is a popular spot to visit, especially during the weekend, so if you're looking for more quiet beach life go during the week or make your way a bit further north up the beach.
There are a couple of restaurants along the beach and also a few resorts if you would like to stay for the night. To the south you have the high-end Dolphin House Resort (from about php 5₱5,500/night) and a bit further north Blue Orchid Resort (from around php 3₱3,500/night) and Club Serena (from around php 5₱5,500/night). There are also some cheaper options for the budget-minded traveller, Barefoot White Beach Resort (around 2₱2,500/night) and HK Beach Resort (around php 2₱2,000/night) are both good options. === Orchid Gallery ===In Moalboal, turn off the national highway by the Petron gas station and continue up the road for about 200 meters to find the Orchid Gallery. It's not so much a gallery, but an orchid plant school that has a pool and nice shaded areas and some specimen of the local wildlife. You can buy orchids and other plants. There is a small entrance fee. === Lambug Beach ===Take a tricycle about 20km south towards Badian to find Lambug, a beach that to a greater extent than Basdako reminds you of a deserted island. Especially during the weeks, you can sometimes find yourself completely alone on the beach. Should you like to work on your swing, there is also an 18-hole golf course nearby.
Not far out from the beach shore in Panagsama Beach, there is a drop-off. Near that area there are countless reefs, with soft and hard corals, many different species of fish. Sometimes you can spot lion fish, water snakes, and with some luck turtles. White Beach is also a good spot for snorkelling if you want to combine it with relaxing in the sun.
[[Image:Underwater Moalboal 2.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Coral reef of Moalboal]]Most divers come for the more famous diving spots in Pescador Island, which offer terrific divingand an amazing "sardine run" with a school of several hundred thousand fish. However, there are also a lot more spots do discover around the Moalboal peninsula. In some areas there are fish sanctuaries, and there is a marine preservation program in effect to encourage fishermen not to fish with nets. Moalboal is thankfully spared from dynamite fishing, and the corals are some of the best in the world. Though they are nowadays a bit more uncommon, you can still see both White and Black Tip sharks in the area and at times even Whale Sharks and dolphins pay the reef a visit. Dives usually cost around ₱1500 with gear. There are a few "local owned" dive shops that are ₱1100-1200 per dive. Most of the dive shops operate 3 dives per day and you can even do your own diving schedule on low season. There are several dive shops along Panagsama Beach, two really good ones are [ Savedra Dive Center] and [ Quo Vadis Dive Resort].
Dives usually cost around 1500PHP with gear. There If you are not a few "local owned" dive shops that diver yet, the Moalboal waters are 1100a great place to start exploring the underwater world. A beginners' course will set you back about ₱14,500-1200 PHP per dive19,000 depending where you go. Most It's a good idea to look around for a good deal, but make sure to look for the PADI or SSI certifications of the dive shops operate as they are a guarantee that the equipment and staff meet certain standards. Set aside about 3 dives per day and you can even do your own diving schedule on low season!-4 days for the course.
===Other activities===
You [[Image:Freediver Moalboal.jpg|thumb|300px|Freediver in Moalboal]]Although in Moalboal the most popular tourist activity is Scuba diving, there are no diver or you want a lot more outdoor activities to do something more? For the active vacationexplore. The area is great for hiking, moutainbiking and canyoneering, Planet Action Adventure and there are many natural wonders like caves and waterfalls to explore. There are a few companies that arrange adventure tours. In Panagsama you'll find [ Action Adventure] that offers a diverse program: Hiking, mountaineering, mountain bike, caves and canyons in untouched rain forest, volcano ascent in Negros[ Freediving-Philippines] that also arranges freediving courses.
Freediving is becoming more and more popular in Moalboal, because the area offers great conditions for the sport. Close to the shore, the reef drops off to about 40 meters (sometimes more) and the water is usually calm and clear. There are several diveshops that offer courses and training session.[[Imagehttp:Freediver Moalboal//www.freediving-philippines.jpg|140px|thumb|right|Freediver in Moalboal]com/]
'''Maya's Mexican ''' is in the main Part on Panagsama Beach and does excellent Mexican food - a nice change. They do superb fresh shakes (mango) and have a great BBQ. '''Chili bar Bar''' also does good food, and has the best pizza in Moalboal according to a sign outside (many are inclined to agree). If you venture a bit further south along the beach you'll find '''Arista Restaurant''', which sits right on the waterfront. They have a decently priced Filipino/German menu, and great service to go with the good food.
A place that can be a bit hard to find, but that's well worth the effort is '''Food Stop''', just next to the road between Moalboal and Panagsama. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but they serve generous portions of delicious Filipino and Asian dishes for php 150 ₱150 each. If you go for dinner, go early as they usually close around 7pm.
Another culinary delight is to pick up a freshly grilled chicken in Moalboal town. You'll find a good place on the left just down the road from the public market, across from the fruit stands. One chicken is php 160.
*<eat name="Mayas Native Garden Restaurant" alt="Mayas Native Garden Restaurant" address="Panagsama Beach" directions="Basidot" phone="+63 32 4743084474-3084" url="" hours="24" price="" lat="" long=""> </eat>
There are a lot of restaurants along the beach where you can have a drink with a sea view. Chili Bar in Panagsama Beach is the most popular oneand usually full of people all year around. You will find two billiards table there (as in almost all the other bars around) and there's a tournament on wednesdays. Across from Chili Bar is 7 Sins Bar, also with a pool table and lots of seating.
As you come down to Panagsama from Moalboal and the road turns left, continue straight on down to the beach and take a left to find Ester's Bar. The nice sea view is accompanied by friendly service.
*'''Rositas Cottage'''Panagsama Beach, 1000PHP ₱1000 (Feb 2013) for a AC room, with hot water shower, cable TV, WIFI(very fast WIFIWi-Fi), Kitchen Area. (800PHP ₱800 for fan) *<sleep name="Turtle Bay Dive Resort" alt="" address="Copton Peninsula" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long=""></sleep>
*<sleep name=" Moalboal Backpacker Lodge" alt="" address="Panagsama Beach, Basdiot" directions="" phone="+63 905 227 8096" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="275/350/480, dm/s/d" lat="" long="">A very popular place among backpackers. The dorm is a loft, with plenty of light and space to met people. Free wi-fi. You can use the kitchen. Friendly staff</sleep>
*<sleep name="Barefoot White Beach Resort" alt="" address="White Beach, Basdako, Moalboal" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Around php 2,500 for a standard room" lat="" long="">Clean, relaxed and close to the beach. There is no pool or restaurant, but the manager there will buy groceries in town and cook for you if you ask.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Mayas Native Garden" alt="" address="Panagsama beach" directions="" phone="+63 915 480 96 10" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Mayas is located in the heart of Panagsama Beach. Mayas Native Garden is a new resortclose to the sea, consisting of five beautiful native cottages built with western luxury & comfortstandard. The There is a big surrounding garden, is rough and trimmed with a myriad of plants and flowers where hummingbirds live and kids can play. A mere 40 meters from the sea, its a dream to go snorkeling, diving or swimming in the clear and warm sea. The spacious restaurant offers delicious food with great atmosphere from morning to evening.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Quo Vadis Dive Resort" alt="" address="Panagsama Beach, Moalboal" directions="" phone="+63 32 474 3068" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rooms are php 1,275 - 3,600" lat="" long="">Nice, clean and close to the beachfront. The resort has a pool, two bars and a really good restaurant. Free wifi. There is also a dive centre that offers what are probably the best prices on the beach for boat dives.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Nidos Garden" alt="" address="Panagsama Beach, Moalboal" directions="" phone="+63 32 474 3068" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="php 980 ₱980 per night" lat="" long="">Simple and clean rooms without aircon. Has the same management as Quo Vadis, so you can use their pool and Wifi.</sleep>*'''Susan's Beachside Resort and Restaurant''' ₱1000 (fan) and ₱1500 (air-con). All rate's include free breakfast, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Nice clean rooms right on the ocean. You can relax and go snorkelling, visit White Beach or Kawasan Falls. Fantastic for families or single travellers. There is a bar and restaurant that looks right over the ocean.*<sleep name="Turtle Bay Dive Resort" alt="" address="Tongo Point, Basdiot" directions="From Moalboal take the road to Panagsama Beach, then turn left after 1km, then follow the signs." phone="+63 32 316 4133" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long=""></sleep> 
==Get out==
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