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| DotMBlurb= '''[[Salvador]]''' is the capital of the state of [[Bahia]], [[Brazil]]. With a charming Old Town (a [[World Heritage Site]]) and a vibrant musical scenes it is considered one of the birthplaces of Brazilian culture. One of the main attractions in Salvador is the carnaval. Salvador's giant '''Carnival''', the biggest of the world, according to the Guiness book of records, lasts for one week and is extremely popular with Brazilians and tourists alike. In 2013, the event happens on Feb 7th - 14th and consists of parades,live entertainment, music, dancers and vendors. <small>([[salvador|more...]])</small>
| OTBPImage=[[File:TrayambakeshwarImage-0849 pilar ebro 2004.JPGpng|none|250px300px]]| OTBPBlurb= '''[[RishikeshZaragoza]]''' is a small town in the northern state of warm and inviting city strategically located between [[Madrid]], [[Barcelona]], [[Bilbao]], [[UttarakhandValencia]] in '''and [[IndiaToulouse]]. In peoples'''. Scenically located where haste to see the Ganges River comes down from the Himalayasbig cities, Rishikesh catapulted to Western fame when the Beatles dropped by for this gem is often passed without so much as a visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashramsecond look. The city welcomes visitors with its rich culture, shopping, eating and the town is still known as the sightseeing. Its more than '''World Capital 2000 years of Yogahistory'''. Rishikesh is also makes the Gateway to city one of the Himalayas greatest historical and artistic legacies in Spain <small>([[RishikeshZaragoza|more...]])</small>
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