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Festivals: Added info about King's day
* Every four years, the country goes '''football crazy''' as either the European Championship or the World Cup is held. Complete streets will be decorated with orange flags, the country's national colour. It's not uncommon for literally fifty percent of the population to be watching a game if it's a particularly important one. Often bigger cities will put up large tv screens for the general public, like on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam. Likewise, cafes and bars are another popular place to watch games.
* In the [[Southern Netherlands]] ([[North Brabant]], [[Limburg]] and to a smaller extent also in [[Twente]], [[Overijssel]] and the south of [[Gelderland]]), the Catholic celebration of '''Carnival''' is held since mediaeval times. It occurs immediately before Lent; which is usually during February or March. Parades can be seen almost in any town on Sunday, sometimes also occurring on Monday. Parades can also be held in the evening, usually on Saturdays all the wagons are then lit up by numerous small lights. The other days of the week, many activities can be found ranging from street painting (stoepkrijten) to beer drinking contests. The cities of 's-Hertogenbosch, Breda and Maastricht are advisable for attending Carnival.
* '''Queen's Day''' (''Koninginnedag'') is held every year at April 30th all over the country (except if this day is a Sunday, then it will be held at the Saturday before). In every village and town, you will find frollicking Dutch, free markets and authentic Dutch games. Nowadays Queen's day much more becomes a day of festivals and partys. It is advised to wear orange clothing, as most Dutch people walk around in their national colour. An advisable city to attend at this day is Amsterdam, because it's one of the largest events of the year there. In several larger cities (most notably The Hague and Utrecht), the festivities start in the evening of the 29th of April. As of 2014, this day will be renamed ''Koningsdag'' (King's day) and moved to April 27th, the birthday of the new King (in 2014 itself, it will take place on April 26th as 27th is a Sunday).
*'''Pinkpop''' [] is a three-day pop festival every year with Pentecost ("''Pink''steren") in [[Landgraaf]], Limburg.
* '''Lowlands''' [] popfestival - every last weekend of August at [[Biddinghuizen]], Flevoland.
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