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Get around: CTA route N201 has been discontinued.
==Get around==
The CTA Purple Line makes stops at South Blvd., Main, Dempster, Davis, Foster, Noyes, and Central: after Central, the CTA Purple Line continues one more stop to Wilmette. The N201 CTA bus operates overnight between Howard and Central when the Purple Line is not running at half hour intervals. Pace & CTA buses connect at many of these stations, especially Davis. Evanston is also a very bike friendly city. []
Travelers may note that in the springtime, local birds, especially pigeons, are so used to the CTA line (which has been in operation for more than fifty years), that the birds will often walk on to the train at Davis Street, ride the train south to South Boulevard, and walk off the train! Apparently, these birds have learned that the train is an efficient way to get from the center of town to feeding areas in the cemetery next to South Boulevard.
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