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Cabo San Lucas

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[[Image:Cabo san lucas.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Cabo San Lucas, at the tip of Baja California]]
'''Cabo San Lucas''' (known as ''Cabo'' for short) is a city at the far southern end of [[Baja California Sur]], [[Mexico]].  ==Overview==
Cabo is a varied destination that captures the essence of Baja Peninsula in its many resorts, championship golf courses, world-class dining and amazing outdoor activities.
For much of its history, Cabo was a sleepy, remote fishing port which was generally accessed either by ship or a three-hour drive from La Paz. In 1977, the airport to the north of San Jose del Cabo was expanded to handle jet aircraft and international flights, thereby launching the transformation of Cabo into one of the most popular resort destinations in Mexico.  During the 1980s and 1990s, Cabo San Lucas is grew into a bustling hub for sport fishermen, cruise ships, handicraft vendors, water sport aficionados and nightlife seekers.  Cabo's growth was further accelerated after Hurricane Wilma erased large parts of [[Cancun]]'s legendary white sand beaches in 2005. During the four years it took to fully rebuild Cancun, many tourists looked at other parts of Mexico for their vacation options, and discovered Cabo. The Cabo area is now considered the second fastest growing resort destination in all of Mexico and . It is particularly busy with visitors during the winter high season, November to February. With some of the best all-around sport fishing in the world and every water sport imaginable, Cabo is the ultimate destination for travelers looking for outdoor adventure.
There are three districts major areas in "Cabo":
# '''San Jose del Cabo''', the "Old Town", which is nearest to the airport. San Jose has old Mexico charm and some shining new resorts.
# '''Cabo San Lucas''', the "Main Town", which is 20-some miles form southwest from the airportat the end of Baja, and the entertainment hub of Cabo. The famous arch , El Arco, is in Cabo San Lucas.
# '''The Corridor''', the highway which connects San Jose and Cabo San Lucas, which is now lined with golf courses, condos and resorts that hug the stunning coastline.
By night, Cabo San Lucas is one of the hottest party towns in North America with a glittering nightlife and a plethora of dining options that make energetic Cabo San Lucas an all-time favorite. Also called Cabo San “Loco” or just plain “Cabo”, the town’s reputation as the wild party center of the Baja Peninsula has brought fame and infamy to its many bars and nightclubs.
==Get in==  ===Air===
Flight is the preferred means of traveling to Cabo. The regional airport, '''Los Cabos International Airport''' ({{IATA|SJD}}), (624) 146-5111, is located outside of San Jose del Cabo and will take approximately 30-45 minutes to travel to Cabo San Lucas.
For General Aviation general aviation or Private Jetsprivate jets, Terminal 2 is used. It has 14 gates: 7-20. Air taxi and air charter companies such as '''Jetset Charter''' [] fly a variety of private charter aircraft and jets, from charter luxury Gulfstream's down to economical piston twins for small groups and individuals. Most major American and Mexican airlines serve Los Cabos International Airport, including Aereo Calafia, Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Frontier Airlines, Interjet, Mexicana, and Volaris, as well as the Canadian airlines Transat and WestJet.  If you plan on arriving in Cabo via plane, a transfer van is the cheapest method to get to your hotel if you do not plan on renting a car. A reservation for a transfer can be made before arrival and is significantly cheaper than a taxi. There are vans at the airport charging per person for a ride to the resorts of Cabo which can be paid with or without prior reservation.
All the major American airlines fly to the airport, as well as, Aereo Calafia, Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Frontier Airlines, InterjetThere are also transportation companies that provide shared and private transportation in shuttle vans, MexicanaChevy Suburbans, Volaris Cadillac Escalades and the Canadian Air Transat & WestJet. more:
If you plan on arriving to Cabo via plane*<listing name="Discovery Mundo" alt="Official Website" phone="+521 (998) 214-6538" tollfree="1 (866) 238-1312" url="" hours="24 hrs, 365 days a transfer bus is the cheapest method to get to your hotel if you do not plan on renting a caryear"></listing> [http://www. A reservation for a transfer can be made before arrival and is significantly cheaper than a taxi. There are buses at the airport charging per person for a ride to the resorts of Cabo which can be had with out prior Website]
There are also Transportation Companies that provide share and '''Brown´s Private Services''' [] offer private transportation in Suburbans, and Vans, Escalades and more:specially for airport transfers.
'''Translobo Private Airport Transportation''' [] Provides private airport transfers in current model SUV's to ensure your comfort in Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabo/La Paz/Todos Santos/East Cape
'''Brown´s Private ServicesTransbaja''' SJD Airport [url='''] offer private transportation in Suburbans and Vans, specially for Airport transfers, shopping tours, night life tours, activities transfers and on call private transportation based on packages of 3, 6 or 12 hours. Todos Santos tours ''' Shuttles between the airport and La Paz tours. Friendly bilingual driversthe city. USA: (310) 209-84-23 / Cel. +52 1 (624) 164-81-85 / Los Cabos: +52 (624) 144- 3419. [email protected] (Starting at $80, only private transportation)
'''Translobo Private Airport TransportationAmstar''' [ Provides private airport transfers in current model SUV's to ensure your comfort Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabomexico/La Pazdestinations/Todos Santoslos_cabos/East CapeMobile los_cabos_transport.php] - Deluxe private and shared transfer from US +52 6241380495SKYPE loboincaboe-mail [email protected]the
'''Transbaja''' SJD Airport phone=01-800-822-5424 MEX The other way to reach Cabo is to drive Mexican Highway 1-877-BAJA123 USA & CAN" fax= hours=9am-6pm daily url='''''' price="$17/person each all the way">Shuttles between the airport and the cityfrom Tijuana. '''Amstar''' [http://wwwDriving Highway 1 is not recommended unless you are fluent in Spanish and experienced in driving in] - Deluxe Private from $91 USD One Way, Shared Transfer from $24 USD RoundTrip, Contact [] for a special quote.
===Climate===Cabo San Lucas is essentially a tropical desert. Nighttime temperatures at their lowest are in the mid-50s Fahrenheit, while temperatures during summer soar in into the 90sF 90F quite often. However, rain is rare and humidity is very low, except in the late summer (July to September), which is also when Cabo is most vulnerable to hurricanes. The water temperature ranges from 70F in winter to 80F in summer. The surf is very good in Cabo.
==Get around==
Taxis are readily available and but are not metered; rates are negotiable. One of the best and most exciting ways to travel around Cabo is to rent a BMW motorcycleshould be negotiated before you get in. '''Unfortunately, the Cabo BMW Rentalstaxi drivers''' rents BMW motorcycles as well as scooters and they will provide helmets. You can ride north out of union is quite powerful, with the tropics to Los Barriles which result that Cabo is a great stop notorious for a bite to eat or walk on some of the beach. It's called the "Cabo Loop" which consists of a 200 mile paved ride, starting highest taxi rates in Cabo San Lucas and going through the larger cities of San José del Cabo, Los Barriles, Todos Santos and returns to Cabo San LucasMexico.
There are many car rental agencies in Los Cabos, most of which have names familiar to travelers in the Americas. If you are staying in a villa or plan on many day-trips that are not covered by a resort or timeshare shuttle, then a rental will likely be the most a more cost -effectiveoption. However, you should rent a car only if you are experienced in Mexican driving and/or are fluent in Spanish.
With boutiques as easy to come by in Cabo as restaurants, its the town is a shoppers ' delight.
The plazas of Cabo's largest and most modern shopping center is '''Puerto Paraiso Shopping and Entertainment Plaza''' , which is indoors and air-conditioned. Both Puerto Paraiso and the adjacent '''Marina Cabo San Lucas''' offer a variety of shops and goods with an affable ambiance.
'''Shoppes At Palmilla''' offer a selection of high-end boutiques. The stores here include day spas, art galleries, fine restaurants, coffee shops, an amazing bakery, homemade crafts, and much more.
*<buy name="Golden Cactus Gallery" alt="" address="Hidalgo street" directions="corner Zapata, one block from Wyndham Tesoro Hotel" phone="143-6399" url="" email="[email protected]" hours="M - F: 12 - 7 PM" price="" lat="" long="">The Golden Cactus Gallery opened in 1997 as a fine art gallery and artist studio. The gallery showcases hundreds of works of art from artists from Baja, Mexico, USA and Canada. In 2009, the gallery was acquired by long-time resident Marie Celyne Poupart.</buy>
For many years, the traditional place for tourists to obtain basic supplies was the pharmacy and supermarket at Plaza Aramburo in the center of town. Since the mid-2000s, Plaza Aramburo has been supplemented by the addition of a Costco and a Walmart Supercenter on the outskirts of town on Highway 1.
* [[Image:us-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="United States" address="Plaza Nautico, Blvd Marina Local C-4" phone="+52 624 143-3566" email="[email protected]" fax="+52 624 143-6750" hours="" price="" url=""></listing>
===Stay safe===
Like Cancun, Cabo is popular with foreign tourists and expatriates because its remoteness and relative isolation from Mexico's main land transportation routes makes it less attractive to the drug cartels. Thus, Cabo has been largely (though not completely) free of the brutal drug-related violence which has ravaged most of Mexico's Pacific resorts like Mazatlan and Acapulco, as well as the border city of Tijuana.
The safest part of Cabo for tourists is the area around the marina; that is, Avenida Lazaro Cardenas, Boulevard Paseo de La Marina, and Paseo de La Marina.
==Get out==
[[La Paz (Mexico)]] is an old Mexican port with an 'old Baja' feel. It features in John Steinbeck's novel ''The Pearl'' based on a Mexican folk tale about the areas most valuable natural resource. Its anthropology museum offers insights into the first inhabitants of the Island 10,000 years ago. You can also see rock paintings dating back to these early settlers.
[[pt:Cabo San Lucas]]
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