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| DotMImage=[[File:Salvador BrazilSingapore Skyline.jpg|none|300px320px]]| DotMBlurb= '''[[SalvadorSingapore]]''' is the capital of the a city-state of in [[BahiaSoutheast Asia]]that has become one of the world's most prosperous countries. Combining the skyscrapers and subways of a modern, [[Brazil]]. With affluent city with a charming Old Town (medley of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences and a [[World Heritage Site]]) tropical climate, with tasty food, good shopping and a vibrant musical scenes it is considered one of the birthplaces of Brazilian culture. One of night-life scene, this Garden City makes a great stopover or springboard into the main attractions in Salvador is the carnavalregion. SalvadorIn '''March'''s giant Singapore will host '''CarnivalSouth East Asia Film Festival''', the biggest of the world, according to the Guiness book of records, lasts for one week and is extremely popular with Brazilians and tourists alike. In '''Mosaic Music Festival 2013, the event happens on Feb 7th - 14th and consists of parades,live entertainment, music, dancers and vendors'''. <small>([[salvadorSingapore|more...]])</small>
| OTBPImage=[[File:RishikeshAljaferiaPalace.jpg|none|300px320px]]| OTBPBlurb= '''[[RishikeshZaragoza]]''' is a small town in the northern state of warm and inviting city strategically located between [[Madrid]], [[Barcelona]], [[Bilbao]], [[UttarakhandValencia]] in '''and [[IndiaToulouse]]. In peoples'''. Scenically located where haste to see the Ganges River comes down from the Himalayasbig cities, Rishikesh catapulted to Western fame when the Beatles dropped by for this gem is often passed without so much as a visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashramsecond look. The city welcomes visitors with its rich culture, shopping, eating and the town is still known as the sightseeing. Its more than '''World Capital 2000 years of Yogahistory'''. Rishikesh is also makes the Gateway to city one of the Himalayas greatest historical and artistic legacies in Spain <small>([[RishikeshZaragoza|more...]])</small>
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{{newsitem| French troops in MaliRocket fired from Gaza into Israel |30 Jan 26 Feb 2013|French troops seized Days after the airport death of a Palestinian in Mali's northern town of [[Kidal]]an Israeli prison, the last urban stronghold held by Islamist insurgentsa rocket fired from Gaza landed in southern Israel, as they moved to wrap up the first phase such attack since a cease-fire took hold in November. Israeli police said they did not receive any reports of a military operation to wrest northern [[Mali]] injuries from rebel hands. [[France]] has deployed some 4,500 troops in a three-week ground and air offensive to break the Islamist rebels' 10-month grip on major northern townsrocket. The mission is aimed at heading off rocket fire prompted the Israel Defense Forces to close the risk of Mali being used as a springboard for jihadist attacks in Kerem Shalom Crossing near the wider region or EuropeIsraeli, Palestinian and Egyptian borders. The French military plans to gradually hand over to a larger African forceErez Crossing between Gaza and Israel will be open only for medical cases, tasked with rooting out insurgents in their mountain redoubts near Algeria's borderhumanitarian aid or exceptional cases. []}}{{newsitem| Magnitude 6.8 quake shakes ChilePalestinians Urge Boycott of Jerusalem Marathon |30 Jan 26 Feb 2013|A strong earthquake hit central-northern Chile, shaking buildings as far away as the capital [[Santiag]]o, and possibly leading Palestinians are calling for a woman to die minutes later boycott of an apparent heart attack, a marathon race in Jerusalem that winds through the Ucity's eastern sector.SPalestinians claim it as their capital. Geological Survey and local officials saidThe third annual Jerusalem marathon takes on 1 March. There were no reports Previous races have drawn thousands of serious damage. The quake, initially reported runners from around the world and attracted international brands as a magnitude 6sponsors.7, struck at In a depth of 28.4 milesstatement, 63 miles southwest of the mining town Copiapo Palestine Liberation Organization called on marathon participants and 364 miles north of Santiagosponsors to withdraw their support. [] }}{{newsitem| Air France-KLM launches low-cost airlineBalloon crash in Egypt|30 Jan 26 Feb 2013| Hop! will operate 530 daily flights to 136 destinations in Europe from March 31 with one-way fares from 55 euros. The launch of the new airline - which has been created through the merger of regional units Brit AirTourist balloon exploded over southern Egypt, killing 19, Regional Air and Airlinair - is part of a reshuffle of making it the groupworld's loss-making short and medium-haul operations. []}}{{newsitem| Anniversary of Egyptian Revolt| 25 Jan 2013| Tens of thousands of Egyptians filled Tahrir Square to observe the second anniversary of the revolt that ousted President Hosni Mubarak with a massive protest against the political ascendance of the Muslim Brotherhood. There were parallel demonstrations deadliest hot air balloon accident in several other cities, and minor clashes between protesters and security forces in [[Alexandria]], [[Cairo]] and elsewhere.Protesters at times seemed to be re-enacting scenes from the 18-day revolt that toppled Mr. Mubarak two least 20 years ago. The loudest chants were recycled from the revolution — “LeaveTwo people are hospitalized, leave” including a British passenger and “The people want the fall of the regimepilot.” Others were adapted slightly to focus on It was a gas explosion that caused the Islamist Brotherhood, calling for an end balloon to “the rule by the supreme guidefall about 300 meters (almost 1,” Mohamed Badie, the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader000 feet).[] }}{{newsitem| Iraqi Protesters Confront ArmyMacedonia Flooding | 25 Jan 26 Feb 2013| At least seven protesters Extensive flooding has hit Macedonia after three days of heavy rain, leaving one man dead, bridges wiped out and homes and two soldiers fields inundated. Roughly 300 homes were killed flooded in clashes that started after Iraqi Army forces opened fire on demonstrators who had pelted them with rocks on the outskirts village of FallujaJosifovo, west 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of the capital of [[BaghdadSkopje]]. It Hundreds more houses and commercial buildings were inundated in the southern village of Dabile, where the fire brigade was evacuating elderly residents. The central Pistica dam was the first deadly confrontation described as being in more than a month "critical" situation, with authorities concerned it could collapse. Nearby, thousands of antigovernment protests by mostly Sunni opponents hectares (acres) of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki. As a resultfields were flooded and 20,000 people were without electricity in the town of [[Sveti Nikole]], a curfew was imposed on Falluja later that daythe National Crisis Management Center said. [] }}{{newsitem| Turmoil Diamonds heist in the SaharaBrussels Airport | 25 Jan Feb 2013| Hundreds of battle-hardened nomadic Tuareg rebels storm towns in [[Mali]]’s northern desert, using weapons seized An investigation has been launched after they fought for Colarmed robbers broke into Brussels Airport and stole diamonds worth more than £32million. Muammar el-Qaddafi in [[Libya]]. They reinvigorate a longstanding rebellion theremeticulously planned heist lasting less than five minutes, overwhelming eight armed men burst through the poorly equipped Malian forces with whom they clashed airport's security barrier in a fake police car before driving up to a security van parked on the runway next to the Swiss passenger aircraft. A Brussels Airport police spokesman said a full investigation has been launched into the 1960sraid, which has seriously thrown into doubt the security of the early 1990s and again in 2006airport. []}}{{newsitem| Syrian Refugees Entering Jordan Earthquakes in Record Numberscentral Japan| 25 Jan Feb 2013| Syrians are fleeing into Jordan in record numbers to escape escalating violence and destruction in their country that is making it increasingly difficult for civilians to survive, said the United Nations refugee agencyA magnitude 5. More than 4,000 Syrians arrived at a camp in [[Zaatari]] in northern Jordan on Jan 24th and another 2,000 people overnight, Melissa Fleming7 earthquake rattled central Japan, the spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, saidU. The number of Syrian refugees in the region is approaching 700,000, the refugee agency said, with 221,000 registered as refugees in [[Lebanon]], 156,000 in [[Turkey]] and 76,000 in [[Iraq]]S. [http://wwwGeological Survey second quake -refugees-entering-jordan-in-record-numbers-un-saysmagnitude 4.html]}}{{newsitem| North Korea now turns ire to South| 25 Jan 2013| In its latest bout of saber6 quake -rattling, North Korea warned of the possibility of "strong physical counter-measures" against [[South Korea]] after the United Nations imposed tougher sanctions against the North earlier that weekstruck several minutes later. The threat against South Korea came a day after the North Japan Meteorological Agency said it would carry out a new nuclear test and more longno tsunami alert has been issued. The quake was centered about 143 kilometers (89 miles) north-range rocket launches as part of a new phase northwest of confrontation with the [[United StatesTokyo]]at a depth of 9. The South Korean Unification Ministry declined 9 kilometers (6.2 miles), according to comment specifically on the new threats from [[Pyongyang]]. It reiterated its stance that North Korea should refrain from further provocationsUSGS. []}} 
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<div style="margin:0;background:#f7d4e0;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #de8ca7;text-align:left;color:#000;padding-left:0.4em;padding-top:0.2em;padding-bottom:0.2em;">[[Travel newsEvents News|Current and upcoming events]]</div>{{newsitemeventsitem| Chinese New Year Las Vegas Style| Jan-Mar 2013| [[Las Vegas]] is hosting multiple events in honor of the year of the snake according to the Chinese calender. Multiple displays and shows will be help all across the vibrant city. []}}{{newsitemeventsitem| Indian Kumbh Mela festival| 14 Jan- 10 Mar 2013| Millions of devout Hindus led by naked ascetics with ash smeared on their bodies plunged into the frigid waters of India's holy Ganges River in a ritual they believe can wash away their sins. The ceremony in the northern city of Allahabad took place on the most auspicious day of the Kumbh Mela, or Pitcher Festival, one of the world's largest religious gatherings that lasts 55 days. Over 110 million people are expected to take a dip at the Sangam, the place where three rivers — the Ganges, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati — come together at the edge of this North Indian city. []}}{{newsitemeventsitem| Carnival of VeniceInternational Yoga Festival, Rishikesh| 21-12 Feb 7 Mar 2013| Associated with the famous masquerade ballThis one-week festival gives you an opportunity to participate in over 60 hours of yoga classes from world-class Yoga teachers. These teachers practice and teach multiple styles of yoga including Kundalini Yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Kriya Yoga. [] }}{{newsitemeventsitem| Quebec’s Winter CarnivalRickshaw Run at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival| 1-17 Feb 11 Mar 2013| The city annual rickshaw run, is the craziest way to sample authentic Vietnamese food and culture. You will be transformed into taken on a land fast and furious tour of colorful paradesthe best restaurants, markets, glittering ice palaces and spectacular snow sculptureshawker food. Alongside an Ice Palace Stage, BroadwayIt's a six-style dance shows, an international ice sculpture competition, winter camping and a snow pentathlon, course flying frenzy on the carnival will feature a host of new events and activitiesmost environmentally sustainable transport ever invented. [http://www.travelbitemelbournefoodandwine.cocom.ukau/holidayevent-ideascalendar/2013/02/01/destination-ofrickshaw-therun-week-quebec4067]}}{{newsitemeventsitem| 2013 Carnival in Rio de JaneiroLas Fallas, Valencia| 815-11 Feb 19 Mar 2013| Brazil’s most popular The five day festival is a carnival of bonfires, fireworks, parades, shows, and festive holiday other festivities, as well as one it also celebrates the arrival of spring. Every day the world’s biggest celebrations when day starts at 8 am sharp with a ‘wakeup call or la Desperata as it is called. Bands march down the main streets of Rio de Janeiro come alive with wild parties, festivals the town and glamorous ballsfirecrackers are burned as peppy music rents the air. The Samba School Parade At 2 pm it’s time for the La Mascleta which takes place in the different neighborhoods of the city – this is a run up to the highlight main event of Mascleta held on 19 March at the four-day eventPlaça de l’Ajuntamen. Performers, clad Every night there are firework displays in ornate costumes embellished with feathers, beads and thousands of sequins, dance down the parade route alongside dazzling floats city and into the Sambadrome-a dance stadium built for final one on the event. Judges award a prize to last night is the most spectacular group of dancersmagnificent with firecrackers and fireworks lighting up the skies. []}}{{newsitemeventsitem| New Orleans Mardi Gras Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud| 12 Feb 20-24 Mar 2013|The Bali Spirit Festival is an extensive celebration of international yoga, dance and music. It is an elevating festival which stirs up and nurtures each individual’s potential for affirmative change, within and around. If you are seeking yoga, traditional Indonesian dance and more, then the Bali Spirit Festival is just the right place for you.The festival brings distinguished yoga gurus, musicians, and dancers from different countries, together at one place. It celebrates the richness of Indonesian culture, the purity of the environment, spirit of mutual learning and cooperation, diversity and harmony between people of all nations. [] }}{{newsitemeventsitem| Chinese New Year ParadeCherry Blossom, San FranciscoJapan| 23 Feb 25 Mar 2013| Two week Spring festival celebrated The Japan Weather Association, in its first forecast of the season, predicts this year’s cherry blossoms to open according to their average schedule in most of Japan, except for parts of Western and Central Japan where they are predicted to open earlier than usual. The opening in [[Tokyo]] is on March 25, but estimated best viewing happens April 1 to 10, according to Weathermap []. Kakuzan Park in [[Tsuyama]] has gained fame as one of the best place for viewing cherry blossoms with over 5,000 years in Chinacherry blossom trees within and around the park. The San Francisco Chinese New Year celebration originated in the 1860city hosts a Cherry Blossom festival between 1-15 April []; Click for more about '''[[Japan's during the Gold Rush day and is now Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots]]'''.}}{{eventsitem| Butterfly Jungle exhibit, San Diego Zoo| 9 Apr- 8 May 2013| During this yearly event guests will be completely immersed by thousands of butterflies as they walk through the largest Asian event in North AmericaZoo Safari Park’s Hidden Jungle aviary. The celebration includes two major fairs30 species of butterflies highlighted this year will hail from [[Africa]], [[Asia]] and Central and South [[America]] and include the Chinese New Year Flower Fair zebra longwing, orange-barred tiger and Chinatown Community Street FairGrecian shoemaker. All the festivities culminate with Chinese New Year Parade[] }}
[[File:Castle Himeji sakura01 adjusted.jpg|center|150px]]
''More about '''[[Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots]]'''''
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