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Luang Prabang

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Get out
* [[Huay_Xai|Huay Xai]] - up to 15 hours away. Public buses leave at 09.00 (arrive 12 midnight) or 17.00 (arrive 08.00, normal sleeping bus, not sleeper). Costs 135,000 kip. VIP buses leave on alternating days, tickets purchased at the Northern Bus Station will cost 35,000 kip less than those purchased at an agent in town.
* [[Phonsavan|Phonsavan]] - bus takes about 8 hours and costs 100between 95,000 to 105,000 Kip leaves Southern Bus Station around 8.00am. The public bus stops at Phou Khon around 1pm for lunch. Minibus takes around 6 hours and leaves at 09:00. You should be able can take a tuktuk from the city center (around 15,000) to the bus station for the public bus. You can also buy your ticket at your guesthouse and arrange to be picked up and taken to the minibus station(140,000). You can stay on the minibus until it unloads the local people in the centre of Luang Prabang though tuk-tuk drivers may try to make you get off earlier at the bus station.
===BanNaluang Bus Station (South Bus Station)===
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