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Göreme has a huge selection of hostels, hotels, and guest houses (around 200!). In fact, most of the center town has been overtaken by hotels, travel agencies, carpet shops, souvenir stores, and restaurants, ensuring healthy competition for rates and a short walk to the center (no more than 4 minutes) from wherever you stay. The friendly (and tout-free) accommodation office can help you find something, but you can get better rates walking around and comparing prices yourself (don't forget to bargain!). Upmarket and boutique hotels also exist in Göreme. Many places include breakfast in these prices (as of Mar 2008). As of 2012, prices have become higher - 20 TL is the starting point for dorm beds with breakfast, and doubles run upward of 50 TL.
Many of Göreme's hostels and hotels offer the unusual option of sleeping in a cave. Much of the rock in the area is sandstone (tufa) which is fairly soft, and for centuries rooms (and houses) have been created by cutting directly into the soft rock. Comforts in these 'cave rooms' range from truly cave like to beautiful and tasteful with modern bathrooms. However, be warned that cave rooms are often very humid or even damp, and may not be suitable for those with breathing difficulties such as COPD, asthma, or respiratory infections. Higher quality accommodations will have ventilation systems and windows, which may alleviate the problem to a certain degree.
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