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Get into town
An '''economical alternative''' is the frequent '''DAMRI''' shuttle buses (15 min to 40 min between buses, depending on route and time) which connect to numerous Jakarta destinations; Gambir (the most appropriate for those going to Jalan Jaksa area), Rawamangun, Blok M, Tanjung Priok, Kampung Rambutan (for Depok), Pasar Minggu, Lebak Bulus and Kemayoran (Rp 20,000) as well as directly to the neighboring cities of [[Bekasi]], [[Serang]] (Rp 30,000), [[Bogor]] and [[Cikarang]] (Rp 35,000). The bus service from the airport operates until midnight (despite what taxi touts may say to you). It is reliable, comfortable and airconditioned. You can get the tickets in the many counters after the airport exit.
If arriving by an international flight to the at terminal 2, head to the left after going out of the building until you see '''DAMRI''' ticket booths and bus stops. In terminal 3, the bus stop is in front of it just behind taxi ranks. Note that DAMRI service '''to''' the airport shuts down '''much''' earlier - for example, the bus from Gambir operates from 3.30am to 7.30pm. From terminal 1, just cross the taxi stop, the bus stop is on the other side of the road (signs read ''Shelter Bus'').
===By train===

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