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Stay safe
==Get around==
The town of Goreme is fairly very, very small, and walking is your best option. Walking also provides excellent views you can walk to the tiny center within minutes from any part of the surrounding canyons, which are sights themselvestown. Available for rent are mountain bikes, scooters, motorcycles and all terrain quads. There is regular bus service to Nevşehir (every half hour as of Oct. 2008), and from there to regional destinations including the underground cities at Kaymaklı and and Derinkuyu. Goreme is very, very small and there is not much to do. Dolmus (minibus) service also runs approx. every hour to nearby cities larger towns like Avanos and every two hours to Urgup. However, the last dolmus services to all towns, including Nevsehir, are in the late afternoon, and you will need to check the schedule in advance to avoid getting stuck.
While the valleys are close to Goreme, it is best to rent a car or take a tour to see the major sights, such as the underground city and the best fairy chimneys, as they are located far away from town and are difficult to reach by public transportation(with the exception of the underground cities, which are easily reached by bus (dolmus)).
[[Image:Love valley goreme.jpg|thumb|350px|Love Valley]]
There are many, many travel agencies in Goreme has a wide selection , all of natural and cultural wonders. Simply walking through the village you will be amazed at which offer the bizarre 'fairy chimney' rocks cut naturally by the wind and rain. Several tour operators offer a same one day package packages that includes include a stop at a Caravansari, one of the amazing underground cities, a walk through the ancient churches decorated with frescoes, and finally a stop at a carpet/pottery/oynx shop. These one day tours are excellent and worth the money, as they include admission. Avoid buying at the shops, however, as you pay 2-3 times higher through commissions.
* <see name="Göreme Open Air Museum" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="15 YTL, 8 YTL extra for the Dark Church">The museum has a collection of caves and fairy chimneys. Be sure to visit the church in a cave across the highway outside the museum entrance, whıch is included in museum admission (save your ticket).
Most of the main attractions in Cappadocia (the underground cities, Pasabagi (Monks' Valley), Devrent (camel rock), Ihlara gorge, and Soganli Valley) are within driving distance (but not walking distance) from Goreme. Uchisar castle and the Goreme Open Air Museum are within walking distance. Cars are available for rent in the airports or in the town, and there is little traffic on the two lane roads, so driving is very easy and not stressful. There are also many, many travel agencies in town which run the same tour to the sights and to shopping points.
* '''Sunset Point''' - The view at sunset (or sunrise with the balloons) is pleasant, though nothing spectacular. Everyone in town knows sunset point.
For a cheaper option take the 15 min. scenic minibus ride to the nearby city of Nevsehir where you can get the same service in a non-tourist place for as low as 25 TL. Just get off at the main intersection in Nevsehir and ask around for "Hamam".
* <do name="Turkish Night Dinner" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="Nightly show 8PM-11PM" price="80 TL" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Hotels and agencies will offer to take you to a Turkish dinner show in an underground restaurant. It is very touristy with dance troupes, dervish dancing, etc. The food is ok and beer, wine, and raki is unlimited, though the quality is not good. The shows actually take place in nearby Avanos or Uchisar, but booking includes transportation. </do>
[[Image:GoremeTurkishNightDervish.jpg|thumb|Dervish dancing at Turkish Night]]
Daily tours - If you don't plan to rent a car, tours are the best way to see the main sights, as they are not located close to the town and are difficult to reach by public transport. They are also highly recommended in the summer as the buses are air conditioned and the heat is stifling.
'''Carpets''' - Goreme and the surrounding area are known as one of the top places to buy carpets in Turkey. Their proximity to well known local weaving villages means the prices are generally cheaper than Istanbul and the atmosphere for purchasing far more relaxed with few if any hassles.Try For dealers, try Tribal Collections -Nomadic Rugs & Textiles- they get the best reviews. There  Inspect carpets carefully before purchasing. Many carpet sellers buy used carpets from Turkish houses and "fix" them to sell to tourists at inflated prices. If you purchase one of these carpets, the price should be much, much lower. If you want a guaranteed new carpet, there are also many more several carpet shops -weaving centers in nearby UrgupGoreme, Avanos and other towns where you can watch the weavers working. (In Goreme, visit Gallery Cappadocia, behind AlaTurka restaurant.)  Don't forget to bargain hard!  
Goreme has a wide selection of typical Kebabs and Pide, as well as some unusual 'pottery' dishes that are prepared and served in a clay pot which you can 'break' open. Often the 'pottery kebabs' are precooked earlier in the day so check around to see which restaurants require a 'pottery kebab' booking - it's likely that they will be the places that make the kebab on the spot (they take about an hour to cook). Many of the restaurants and bars change hands on a regular basis, making specific recommendations difficult.
That said, '''Alaturca''', with mains from 15-20 YTL, is considered to be one of the finer dining establishments in central Turkey, but is overpriced for the quality of food and a stiff service that is out of place in an otherwise informal town. Alaturca is on the secondary road that heads towards the open Air Museum.
Simply walking by carpet shops will open invitations for tea. If you're thirsty, take advantage of this free drink and learn something about carpets at the same time.
Tourists looking for a fun night on the town had best stick to the beaches, or stay in nearby Urgup or Avanos. Most bars have been closed down in recent years, and there are only one or two dive bars with scant clientele remaining. There are no discos left in Goreme. The social scene is much livelier in nearby Avanos and especially Urgup, which are larger towns offering discos, bars, cafes, and dining options. However, there is no public transportation to these towns after late afternoon, and taxis are expensive. Speeding, drunk or intoxicated driving, and fatal accidents are common here, so be careful travelling back and forth. Though expensive, it is best to go by taxi.
Göreme has a huge selection of almost 200 hostels, hotels, and guest houses . In fact, most of the town has been overtaken by hotels, travel agencies, carpet shops, souvenir stores, and restaurants, ensuring healthy competition for rates and a short walk to the center (some 60 oddno more than 4 minutes)from wherever you stay. The friendly (and tout-free) accommodation office can help you find something, but you can get better rates walking around and comparing prices yourself (don't forget to bargain!). Upmarket and boutique hotels also exist in Göreme. Many places include breakfast in these prices (as of Mar 2008). As of 2012, prices have become higher - 20 TL is the starting point for dorm beds with breakfast, and doubles run upward of 50 TL.
Many of Göreme's hostels and hotels offer the unusual option of sleeping in a cave. Much of the rock in the area is sandstone (tufa) which is fairly soft, and for centuries rooms (and houses) have been created by cutting directly into the soft rock. Comforts in these 'cave rooms' range from truly cave like to beautiful and tasteful with modern bathrooms. However, be warned that cave rooms are often very humid or even and damp, and may not be suitable for those with breathing difficulties such as COPD , asthma, or asthmarespiratory infections. Many tourists get sick from the humidity in these rooms. Higher quality accommodations will have ventilation systems and windows, which may alleviate the problem to a certain degree.
While Goreme's nightlife scene is nearly extinct, the town can still be very loud during night and day, and many discerning travellers looking for an escape from the noise and the hassling of shop and restaurant owners have begun to stay in the nearby town (4 km) of Cavusin, where many boutique hotels have sprung up in recent years. Many hotels offer free transportation to and from Goreme. Cavusin is located closer to Red Valley, Rose Valley, and Love Valley than Goreme.
Most budget accommodations are located in the same area of town, and thus it is easy to compare prices. Facing the bus station's offices, head to the right and turn left at the road running perpendicular to the main road. Walk past the shops. At Dibek restaurant, before crossing the road bridge, turn right and head uphill. You will see a sign with the names of many hostels and hotels. Don't be afraid to bargain and compare prices.
* <sleep name="(Gümüş) Silver Cave Hotel" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+90 384 271 2438" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Single €15, doubles from €25, triples from €35. +€10 for Deluxe rooms" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+90 384 2712821">Informal & friendly service, clean rooms with en-suite shower/wc, and very reasonable rates make this hotel/pension a pleasure to stay in. Located in Göreme 5 minutes walk from the bus station, Gümüş makes a great starting point for exploration of the surrounding areas. Help with planning tours and visits to local culture is available upon request. Facilities include a cave bar, flower garden, barbecue & laundry service. Breakfast is included.</sleep>
[[Image:GoremeOpenAirPoliceStation.jpg|thumb|Police Station at Open Air museum]]
[[Image:GoremeCaveLadder.jpg|thumb|ladder and chimney with foot-support]]
Cappadocia is quite a conservative region, and tourists coming from Istanbul or the coasts are often surprised at the difference. Almost all women in Nevsehir and the less-touristed small towns use hijab. Women and teens should wear pants or long shorts, and shirts with sleeves. Short shorts, miniskirts or short dresses, and tank tops or "belly shirts" are UNACCEPTABLE attire in Cappadocia. Women who are underdressed are viewed as "asking for it" - and may be subjected to staring, verbal harassment, groping or other forms of sexual assault. It is highly advised to respect the local culture and dress appropriately to avoid drawing unwanted attention.
The extreme summer heat makes hiking highly uncomfortable and occasionally dangerous; dehydration is common in hikers. Women should not go hiking in the valleys alone as there have been a few incidents over the years.
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