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San Cristobal de las Casas

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A tour to two of the '''local indigenous villages''', [[San Juan Chamula]] and Zinacantan is found at 9:30AM at the plaza in front of the cathedral, next to the Zocalo. Alex and Raul are always there and everyone who appears is accommodated. They speak many languages and this visit really needs a guide, so you understand the very strange things you will observe. They supply transportation and entrance fees. The tour returns around 2:30PM (lunch time in Mexico). In the spring of 2007, this tour cost 180 pesos ($16 US). Note: Alex and Raul went their separate ways at the end of 2007 and Raul now works with an English-speaking guide called Caesar. Alex has set up a tour company called '''Cielo y Tierra Tours''' that offers private tours to Chamula and Zinacantan as well as several of the other more remote Maya villages, including Tenejapa, San Andres Larrainzar and San Pedro Chenalho. There's information about all their tours on their website.[]
Do not bring your camera to Chamula or any other village. Villagers have been pillaged by photographers over the years and it can be dangerous to whip out your camera. I have seen foreigners end up in jail in different communities for taking photos. Rumor has it some Germans were killed in Chamula for taking photos inside the church. Don't be an ass when you visit Chamula. These people do not exist for your tourist pleasure. Their lives are not simple and easy and they are not quaint and noble savages. Leave them in peace and tred lightly when you visit.
*'''El Arcotete''' - The Arcotete is one of San Cristóbal´s best kept secrets. Similar to Rancho Nuevo but much nicer and closer to San Cristóbal, located about 5-10km from the City in the direction of Tenejapa (signs are well placed to find El Arcotete). 10 pesos per vehicle. Recently remodeled into a park offering nice walking grounds surrounded by Pine trees, picnic areas, and nice look out vantage points. A great day trip to spend a couple of hours or the whole day enjoying a picnic or a pickup soccer game. It costs 5 pesos to enter the part of (Las Grutas) The Caves. El Arcotete will provide a wonderful experience enjoying Natures work at best. Check it out for yourself.
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