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Ko Phi Phi

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By boat
=== By boat ===
Traveling to Ko Phi Phi by boat is BY FAR the most frequent method used. Ferries leave from [[Phuket]] and [[Krabi]] daily (from Krabi two ferries a day at 09:00 and 14:30 and from Phuket at 09:00, 11:00, and 14:30 several times a day (11:00 during high-season only). Tickets can be purchased on-line or on the dock, from tourist offices, most local guest houses and hotels. There is a 20 baht per person fee required on the pier for "keeping Ko Phi Phi clean". Unfortunately, there is still plenty of rubbish on the beaches.
Tickets Ticket prices
*600 baht one-way/1000 baht (there are also 450 baht boats if not cheaper depending on the time; you get cheaper return tickets on Phi Phi Island which are between 250 and 450 baht depending on the destination, also without guest house deal) round trip when bought at the Phuket pier (as of 2009/09/15). Possible to get 300-350 baht one-way tickets as part of a deal with a guest house stay.
Not all ferries are of equal quality. Andaman Wave Master is the only company that will take you for free to the north of Phi Phi after the stop at Ton Sai Pier. The Sea Angel ferries are quite nice with big flat screen TVs and refreshments. These are sold on-line as first-class ferries. The ferries run by Chao Koh group, particularly the smallest "Pichamon IV" are often overcrowded and appear to be very poorly maintained, which does not inspire confidence, however they are launching a new mega boat beginning of 2010. In April 2007, a ferry operated by Andaman Wave Master caught fire and sank, and all aboard were forced to jump into the sea. Fortunately, nearby vessels were quickly able to rescue all the passengers, and no casualties occurred. The ferries run by PP Family are larger and seem more suited to the task. The ferries run by Phi Phi Cruiser may take a little longer but they include a movie, complimentary breakfast (if taking the morning crossing) and complimentary beverage service. For an additional fee, you can purchase a "VIP ticket" which also includes snorkelling and a buffet lunch on Phi Phi Don.
Other tour vessels visit the island from several Phuket-based resorts, usually on day trips, the price for a speedboat from Rawai Beach was quoted at 15,000 baht return(or one way) for up to 6 people(Dec 6 2007). There are many speedboats operating directly from the beach but it may be best to book the day before as most seem to be on away on trips during the day. Speedboats can also be chartered from other nearby locations, but at a very high price (in July 2007, the starting price for a speedboat to Phi Phi Don from Ko Yao was quoted at 20,000 baht).
=== By all-inclusive tour ===

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