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Ko Phi Phi

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* '''Deco Bar''' - Excellent bar with chill music located above Phi Phi Scuba Dive Centre on the main road from the pier. Nightly specials & happy hour(s) with 100 baht mixed drinks, 50 baht beers and shisha/water pipes available. Try the spicy Thai mojito. Open 19:00-01:00 nightly.
* '''Ibiza barBar''' - one of the best beach dance bars. A live music band, playing classic rock and roll hits, is a great feature as well. Don't miss the fire shows every night and great dancing and fun games.
* '''HIPPIES Hippies Bar''' - The original hippies has returned. Near the original location on the Tonsai bay Bay side, the same staff, great music, cocktails and nightly fireshowsfire shows! []
* '''Mojito barBar''' - great cocktail bar with fantastic views and the friendliest staff. Set at Viewpoint Resort.
* '''Reggae Bar''' - popular place that organizes mock muay Thai fights most nights. If you are there at the right time you can even join in. They invite tourists, usually drunk, to get into the ring geared up and to beat on each other for a few rounds for a couple of free buckets.

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