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Language and the Hijab: new section
::Found it. That section was started [ here, in Sept 2008], by [[User:Taksim]] (who has been inactive since then, though). – [[User:Vidimian|Vidimian]] 04:16, 3 January 2012 (EST)
== Language and the Hijab ==
I have two main questions for you Wikiers -
How much Turkish is it recommended to know before I travel to Istanbul? I understand its good to know numbers and common phrases, but do some districts have a higher percent of people/vendors that speak English than others?
And also, as a female I have heard from some people I know who travel that often when traveling to Islamic countries they will wear a Hijab for both protection for themselves and to not blatantly stand out as a tourist. Will it be odd for me, an English-speaking woman, to walk around the city ''not'' wearing one? Would you recommend I wear one, just because?
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