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Los Angeles

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[[Image:LACMTA_system_map.png|thumb|right|250px|Los Angeles County Metro Rail Map]]
The Los Angeles area's '''Metro Rail''' subway/elevated light rail system opened its first line in the 1990s. This is a considerably amount of time -approximately 100 years- from when the nation's two other largest cities first opened their lines; [[New York City]] in the 1880s, and [[Chicago]] in the 1890s. As it was non-existent several years ago, the Los Angeles local train system has nowhere to go network can do nothing but upimprove at this point, and the system has been expanding over the past 20 years or so.[]
Many neighborhoods and sightseeing destinations can be reached using the Metro, including downtown, Koreatown, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Chinatown, Pasadena, and Long Beach. Public transportation is preferable, when possible, to the gridlock that often occurs on Los Angeles area freeways and streets.
Metro fare payment works on a proof-of-payment system. There are turnstiles in the subway stations and some light rail stations. Passengers using a TAP card must tap the turnstile to have a valid fare. Passengers using paper one-day passes can walk through the turnstiles as they are currently unlocked, but there are plans to lock at least some of the stations. However, tickets or passes must be purchased before entering boarding zones; there, Metro police randomly check for valid tickets on the trains or platforms, even if people did not board any train. The penalty for not being able to show a valid ticket is $250 and up to 48 h of community service.
Unlike many cities whose local train systems allow free transfers between rail lines when the lines converge, trips that involve multiple lines or transfers in L.A. Los Angeles require separate tickets for ''each'' line. A better option will simply be to purchase a day, weekly, or monthly pass for travel on all the lines. Passes can be more cost effective than several single-ride tickets.
Metro Rail/Transitway Lines:
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