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Stung Treng

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The town itself is not so big, and one can explore it on foot. There are some Wats (temples) in the town and a daily fresh market. To explore more of the area though, it is wiser to rent a moto. You can rent one at the Riverside guesthouse or near the market.
Next to the Sekong river, about 4 km east from the town center there is a '''weaving co-operativeMekong Blue''', Mekong Blue, which warrants a visit for the lovely fabrics and patterns they produce.
Furthermore Stung Treng Village is a good base to explore Stung Treng Province. It is a beautiful place with some historical value. The Ramsar site to the nirth that connects to Laos is a real treat to explore and several (nearly extinct) Irrawaddy Dolphin pools surround this charming provincial town. Furthermore are several NGO's such as Tourism for Help, Evergreen Community and Mlub Baitong are active in the region and welcome any kind of support from travelers where needed. The town links well to Banlung (Ratanakiri) and can be used for more than just a stopover. Hikes are available to see the 4000 Islands area from the mountain top and the unique merging of 4 main rivers (also known as the Mekong plus 3 Area) makes the place for a great river exploration.

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