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The '''Caucasus''' region is a mountain range lying between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, considered part of the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. Geographically it is usually considered part of Western [[Asia]], adjacent to northeastern [[Turkey]] and northwestern [[Iran]]. But culturally, this portion of Russia and these small former Soviet republics are arguably also part of [[Europe|Eastern Europe]] suffering from the same ethnic-hatred nationalism and tension that has plagued the Balkans including recent wars in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Chechnya.
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Outside of the areas close to the disputed territories of [[Abkhazia]] and [[South Ossetia]], where the risk of violent crime and kidnapping is significantly higher, [[Georgia]] has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Georgians are a very hospitable people. That having been said, visitors are advised not to talk about [[Russia]] or the disputed territories. Hate against Russians is extremely high amongst Georgians, to the extent that such discussions may incite violence.
Chechen, Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani ''mafia'' groups are considered to be notorious in the former Soviet Union but are mostly centered in the Caucasian expat communities and are far from noticeable in their home countries.
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